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crying_for_daysHow does that make you feel?

What is your first reaction was to this?

Concern, worry, curiosity, fear

Most of us are unaware of the millions of times each day we are emotionally triggered by comments, thoughts, expressions and actions of others. Emotional pulses are unconsciously sent out into the world and are creating your reality for you. Hear why I have been crying

Back To Crying

Actually, I have been experiencing a continuous flow of tears from both eyes at different times for the past two weeks. At first I thought it was excessively dry eyes, a cold, allergy or even infection. It seems as though this would be how most people would think. The pharmacist gave me special natural tear solution and still nothing has worked. A doctor friend of mine told it was common at this time of year when people are affected by something in the air. By now though, thinking this has gone on long enough, I’m almost ready to make a doctor’s appointment.

This might sound silly coming from me, but honestly, I completely forgot about using my energy tools. Then it hit me while doing laps this morning in the roof top pool. (a wee piece of heaven) I needed to flush my sinuses with ‘electric blue light energy’. It has been a very long time since I cleared out my clairaudient channels that run along the sinus cavity.

Then after my swim, I sat in the sun briefly and meditated – running electric blue energy through my energy channels focusing on the sinuses. Check out the Chakra Clearing Meditation and other helpful tools.

electric-blueElectric Blue is the color of the core wellness vibration of your spiritual anatomy that includes your aura and chakras. I also used some of the other energy tools to clear and replenish my aura.

By the time I showered and got dressed by sinuses were clear and I stopped crying.

No More Tears

My point is that we are affected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by energies from our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Energies from other people, past memories and experiences all block our natural flow of energy.

If you are here now, it is because of some emotional trigger that prompted you to action. Imagine how energies are motivating and cajoling you all day long… your entire life.

Using Energy Tools For Clearing

Congratulations if you are using the energy tools. If you are not, Just Sign Up For FREE Members Only access NOW.They are a solution for clearing energetic patterns of limitation, lack and imbalance. The support you in creating abundance, inspiration, creativity and overall WELLBEING.

Using the energy tools brings your energetic self into harmony with your heart’s desires and what is TRUE for you. It’s my hope you continue to practice using them, clearing away layers and layers of unconscious muck, opening yourself to a new and improved, healthy vibrant you.

What I Saved

By using my energy tools today, I saved myself the expense of a doctor visit, taxi fare and any unnecessary prescription costs. I saved time, a doctor visit, time going to the appointment and possible frustration getting there and waiting for who knows how long. I saved my own energy and my body from the continuous loss of tears and the impact of possible medicine that I do not really need. Besides the benefit of the tears stopped flowing, I have so much more energy and clarity for writing this post.  

take_back_your_power.Take Back Your Power

Most people are programmed to run to the doctor before we consider minimal invasion or alternative options. Notice where you are triggered by a continuous barrage of information and your own limiting beliefs that erodes your personal power and seniority. Take back your power.

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