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the_healing_pathReleasing Baggage and Fear

Reach For Wholeness

The healing path is often set with unexpected turns and twists, some good and others less-than-good. Gliding along with changes can be easier said than done. Intuitively, you might have a good sense of the shifts occurring, but logically, it is much harder to go with the flow. Instead, you want answers and you need some clarity!

Going With The Flow

If going with the flow feels wishy-washy be ready to ride the waves by building your own ship. If waiting and wondering just won't do anymore, it's a time for action, creating the change.

Time For Contemplation and Reflection

Taking time for contemplation and reflection allows you to connect with what is a priority in your life. Defining your own truth or deciding what ultimately matters most for you is like aligning to your own true north. Imagine feeling certain and clear of where you are going, what you are doing and who you spend your time with.  

Find Balance Between Head and Heart

In making any changes it is wisest to take your time, finding balance between the head and heart. When your head and heart are working together, clarity and shift are likely to merge, leading you towards your next step. Here is where you get to re-shape your reality from the inside-out and re-write your script.

Listening to Yourself


Tune into your own thoughts and feelings. Be attentive to your own inner sense of things, your own voice. What thoughts of fear might be keeping your distracted? Are you feeling

different than how you think you should be feeling in order to create abundance and your desire?

Your thoughts and feelings are your lifeline to having abundance, peace, harmony and love.  As your own energy broadcasts what you are feeling, be ultra vigilant to what you send into the world -- there is a ripple effect!

Creating Building Blocks For New Ideals

As you ground and release more and more fear, confusion and old ways of being, you open yourself for higher vibrations of light, inspiration, creativity and love. This new energy forms as the building blocks to take your new ideals into form.

Instinctive Knowing

As you open to new and higher energetic frequencies, you begin to clearly connect with your own higher source of information. Your Higher Self. Knowing is like having an inner sense of seniority or command for your life. Being connected to  your Higher Self. increases your trust in you, with more clarity, comfort and ease.  

Knowing gives you inspiration and a sense of being that allows you to be more open, grounded, creative and connected. In this experience of knowing, you simply are more available to direct communication with your Higher Self and Source. Having a grounded and aligned sense of being present you allow the natural flow of Source or God energy into your life. 

instinctive_knowingClearing Restores WellBeing

Over this lifetime and many past lives, you have built layers upon layers of festering energetic wounds that are being healed, cleansed and properly healed in order to be in total well-being. Clearing, grounding and replenishing your energy space allows for new waves of clarity, guidance and inspiration, restoring your health, relationships, careers and finances and they begin to take on a different shape. Giving your physical body time to adjust and release on deeper and deeper levels is part of the process of returning to wholeness.

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