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{jcomments on}shifting_reality Energetic Shifting Can Create Pain

Releasing Energies and Programming Heals Pain

As new 2012 octave waves of shifting reality sweep through you, many people are experiencing physical effects. Migraine headaches, heart palpitations, digestive disorders, sleep distruption, weight gain, depression, brain fog to name a few. The process of energetic releasing in your shifting reality happens in stages as all pain is 'stuck energy'. The brain and other parts of you hold on to energetic programs and patterns connected to other dimensions of reality including other lifetimes.

{jcomments on}Sometimes some of what you might be experiencing make no sense to your linear 3D self because the shift is occuring outside of your physical self. The physical pain that you experience in your body is a signal to you that something is blocking your energy flow and requires releasing for a new experience of your multidimensional self.

The energy could be from someone else, a situation from your past, a fear or belief. Our humanness wants to often follow a linear model of understand where it's coming from.

You Are Programmed

Within private sessions, you release energy that eases physical body pains. Sometimes the relief is permanent and sometimes it comes back. Why? Sometimes there is information attached to the energy block and other times it is just that--foreign energy ready to be released with no specific message for you.

Pain is Talking To You

Where ever you experience pain, it has a message for you. Likewise, when your energy flows easy, there is not pain or discomfort. Focus on the feeling of being clear. To clear pain, imagine dropping your pain inside a bubble or symbol and exploding it. Or, imagine immersing it inside a rock and fling it out to the Universe. Explode it. Just, let it go.

Clearing Unconscious Thought Patterns

Breaking thoughts and energy patterns deeply entrenched in the unconscious part of you can be challenging for us because we don't know they are there. They are not tangible and can be difficult to access because we cannot see them.

multidimensional_realityShifting From 3D to Multi-Dimensional Reality

We are not able to see ourselves shifting from 3D to a multi-dimensional reality right now. Inside the process of completing the shift, this is the time to practice being in the limbo phase. It is like a mother giving birth to a new baby, birth is a beautiful process but not without pain and some confusion both for the mother and the child. Can you remember being a teenager? Or maybe you have some of your own to observe the process from the outside. It is a time of great uncertainty and confusion.

Processing Unconscious Levels

As spiritual beings, we humans forgot we are multi-dimensional beings. We lost track of this multi-dimensional self. Although we might not hae all the answers right now, you will have the answers you need when you need them. This is a time of 'trust'.

Practicing Trust

It is a practice of 'trust'. When old thoughts of fear pop up, put them inside a symbol and explode them. This makes the practice real. It gives you something tangible to the body rather than popping a pill, downing a margarita or unleashing anger on the next person crossing your path.

Merging Energies

New energies are merging together and since we have no experience with them, we are learning to adapt, manage and align with them. This changes the landscape of your thinking, feeling and being. At the same time in order to accommodate the shift, you are being forced to let go of the OLD SELF as it cannot sustain the new energy frequencies.

Your Perception of Reality is Changing

Your perception of yourself and the world you live in is changing. Each of us individually and collectively are taking steps on this path. No one is exempt. It's all new!

What reality are you creating to make this shift real? Do you need to get sick to make this real? Your linear mind is trying to make sense of this shift, but it cannot. There is no making sense of it. In fact, maybe there is no linear pattern at all. Maybe this was only a perception of our old realty. Hmmmm? 

perception_of_realityJust Let Go

This is a time of not having all the answers. It is a time to let go, being in the flow. We are blindfolded and have never been on this journey before. It is new for everyone. If you have never met yourself in this multidimensional, superhuman way, how can you define it? Not being able to define this multi-dimensional shift is difficult because words do not really match the experience. In trying to define it, we hold it fixed so we can perceive it with our linear perception of reality (the old 3D way) then it cannot morph into what it needs to be because we do not have the entire picture yet. It is complex!

Fears and Tears

Some of the fears or tear you are having may not be only yours. Your experience also includes collective fear of the collective race consciousness. Do not blame yourself for being in fear. Fear shows up differently for different people. Fears are resistance that makes your re-birth process more painful. At some level, fear is a force of energy that pushes you forward, unless you choose to stay stuck inside it. Then, it is paralyzing.

Nurturing Your Shifting Reality

Let go of fears and tears with The Energy Tools. Login to Members Area for Access

Eat a healthy diet, listen to your body for clues and signals for what it wants in support of its changes.

Breath fresh air, go for walks, listen to music -- do something that nurtures you.

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