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{jcomments on}the_power_of_silenceSilence is a Sanctuary

Escape Noise and Drama

Noise and drama are everywhere and increasing with intensity like relentless storm waves beating against a rocky shore. Have you noticed within the last few years, noise and drama are escalating in your life and others around you? The challenge during these shifting times has become to dodge distractions, collect our thoughts and find any sort of sanity inside the confusion. Sanctuary from the escalating noise resides with the space of silence. There is power in silence because it provides refuge from turbulent noise and drama of the world, accessing freedom and sanity.

Chatter Addictions

Growing addictions to constant need for chatter, texting, skyping and Facebooking squeeze out windows of alone time. You may even notice feeling lonely or start feeling something is missing when you are without dialogue. Feeling the need to fill gaps of quiet with dialogue is a sure sign inner dis-harmony within.

Noisy Habits

Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person talks non-stop, not allowing you to contribute? When every time you start to speak, they talk right over you. It does not feel good because that person’s energy invades your space. It is much the same when someone blasts you in an email.

Consider times when you practiced these noisy habits and consider how you can adjust that pattern of ‘trying to be heard’ or ‘dump your energy’ onto someone else.

managing_noisy_habitsManaging Noisy Habits

If you find yourself in a conversation with a person who practices noisy habits, imagine a symbol or a rose on the edge of your aura. See Setting Healthy Boundaries - Energy Tool #4.  Observe the person or imaginary situation from the Center of Your Head – Energy Tool #2. The symbol serves as a decoy, preventing their energy from invading your space so you won’t feel like you have been steam-rolled. Not responding or reacting to someone who is throwing their energy is empowering to you.

Being centered and detached from the other person, you do not add fuel to their raging emotions. In essence you are demonstrating (to yourself and them) another way of being. They may not realize it, but this energetic shift may just be a powerful healing for them. Or, maybe they will just move on and find someone else to dump on. LOL

Planetary Frequency Shifts

With planetary frequencies shifting, walking through the noise and drama of our 3rd dimension reality is a great challenge for us. Shifting to Different Dimensions of Reality.

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