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the_cause_of_diseaseChange Your Attitude to The World Around You

Changes Your Past Present and Future

Changing your attitude to the world around you changes your past, present and future. The cause of disease is stress or having a wrong attitude to a situation, depression, inner dissatisfaction with ourselves and the world around us. Our emotions and behavior influences our health and our descendant’s health.

Without care of the soul, if we care only of body, we will not endure any stress. We are entering years of constant stressful situations. If we react to stress, feeling fear, censure, discontent, all this will store up in our subconscious. In 5-7 years, there could be an outburst of diseases, cataclysms because our energies influences earth. The way we react on the world around us builds our future destiny and health.   

Excerpts from S N Lazarev's research, Warsaw (Poland) 2012. (english subtitles)

Video Transcript

Researches show that the conception of FUTURE is a physical quality. I saw that every man has his own reserve of future an if this reserve decreases a man can get schizophrenia, cancer, diabetes or die. This reserve is connected with our soul condition. The soul produces future. Energy of future is produced by the soul.
If a man's soul is drying up and the soul starts dying when it has no love then a man unnoticeably loses his future. And then all the cruel incurable disease begin.

The thing we call AIDS, homosexuality, cancer, autism diabetes, schizophrenia --all these are the diseases of those who specifically have no future. These are actually diseases of the soul and you can cure the soul. Many scientist have come to this fact.

I was in a plane and bought a newspaper, the most popular newspaper in Russia --“Arguments and Facts”. There is written, “take away the cause the effect ceases.”
This is one more book written by a doctor, scientist and we can say this an alternative method.

In traditional medicine the facts are some patients with chronic disease, sooner or later start asking themselves the reasonable question “was it really worth it to spend all the  a lot of time and money on treatment, lots of money on pharmacy and hospital if the result of so many years treatment is not health improvement but health deterioration?

This is normal practice. Treatments turns acute diseases into chronic diseases and a man is ill for years and he never recovers completely. The main causes of death are apoplexy myocardial infarction. Medicine cannot prevent them even if a patient is in the very best hospital. Still such a treatment hastens dismal finale. Sometimes cardiologists honestly say this.

Recently at the international congress of cardiology, Academician Bvgeniy Chasov said: “Despite the emergence of new methods of diagnosis, colossal amounts of drugs
and surgical methods, the efficiency of treatment does not increase but even decreases by judging by increase in hospital mortality”. Doctors started saying, if the cause of disease is not taken away it is impossible to cure the man. And recently more often they say the cause of disease is stress, a wrong attitude to a situation, depression, inner dissatisfaction with ourselves and the world around us.

Officially medicine has to accept the cause of disease is on the mental sphere. First action is mental and then physical. First mind gets sick unnoticeably, deep inside and then the body starts to get sick.

The connection between our feelings our minds and our health was noticed in ancient India and the man’s character influences his health. Ayerveda tells us the man’s character influences his health.

The concept ‘karma’ arose in India. This is the law of cause and effect. ie. If a man is robbing , stealing and killing then in his next life people will do the same to him. The law of cause and effect connects our behavior, our feelings and our health, our destiny. In Indian interpretation to tell the truth it sounds a bit naïve:
If you behave badly in this life, then in the next life you will be a cat or a dog etc.

But apart from the same naivety the essence of these statements is exact. The Old Testament says that our feelings, or behavior influences our health.
Judaism clearly says if a man commits crimes violating the commandments then his children would cursed till the 10th generation. They will get sick, they will have accidents ie there is a clear connection between man’s behavior, his health, his destiny.

If we read the New Testament, a person Christ said we can see the same that after healing a person he said, “go and sin no more or something worse will happen to you”. Everywhere is the same.

Our emotions, behavior influences our health and our descendant’s health.

When I started my research I did not guess that years passed by then more materials and all my conclusions confirm all that is said in the Old and New Testaments.

There is certain an inner connection between parents and children. Yes certainly every word, feeling and behavior is encoded in our spiritual field structures in our sub-consciousness and sooner or later we have to take responsibility for what we have done…We reap what we sow!

The most important thing that I saw was that a man can change his attitude to the world; he can change his past, present and future.

Children recovered cancer was going away. To write a book my main goal was to give people knowledge when they do not need me. To write a book so that people without my help could change themselves and come over different diseases and the results I saw in a few years without appointment with me after reading the books people got rid of cancer, diabetes, their families had been restored, their destinies have improved.

And it was not a miracle in a way we usually get it. It was connect with the main miracle which is man’s changing and understanding that we are LOVE. And the main thing we have to store up in our soul is LOVE. We have to save it.

What is stress?

This is a loss of something we are attached to. The more we feel attached the bigger the stress is. There is a saying in Indian philosophy, “Misery comes through attachments to this world.” This is absolutely correct and exact wording. Unfortunately, there is no further development of the concept.  

I got proof that the attachments to the different aspects of human happiness gives us dependence, increases aggression and then disease begins. Doctors say that stress can be a cause of cancer, diabetes and other cruel diseases. But doctors do not understand what stress is.

How to overcome stress?

How to learn to overcome it in a right way?

Stress is not just a pain or something unexpected. Stress is a loss of our habitual lifestyle, a loss of something dear, something we are attached to.

Who cannot endure stress? This is someone who cannot endure a loss. Who cannot endure a loss? This is the one who cannot sacrifice.
The man who is used to sacrifice, fasting, starving, taking care of other people, this person easily endures stress. This person will survive in a difficult situation.

Death Statistics From Concentration Camps

Bandits, criminals died first. They did not endure stress. Their soul was too attached to money, significance as they were too aggressive. Then simple people died. Then aristocrats died. The last ones to die were believers.

People who may survive in the most difficult situations are believers. Why? Because a believer knows that we have to sacrifice, a sacrifice cleans the soul, a sacrifice helps to love, we have to take care of other people. We have to see the divine will in everything.
That’s why to overcome stress is easier for a believer but the believer is not the one who goes to the temple and calls himself a believer.

A believer is one who understands that God is love, that he has to fulfill the commandments. Happiness is taking care of somebody and giving but not taking things away from somebody.

If we analyze the ten commandments, what is their point?

The first commandment is that God is love. God is One. God is Love. And a man who is going to love, he will not steal, he will not lie, he will not worship food, sex, money. He will not rob and kill another person. He will be warm and respectful to other people and to his parents. He will abstain from pleasures. He could easily sacrifice. This is a portrait of a healthy person.

When we go away from the commandments, from their essence love, we start living by our instincts. We start getting attached to this world. Material and non-spiritual values become more and more important for us. We cannot lose them. Any failure or offence causes a very strong stress for us. Then we begin to store up aggression in our subconscious and then there comes diseases, misfortune and death.

Why do I pay attention to this?

It is because our civilization is entering a period of changing—a new civilization has to be born soon. We will become other people, those who survive.Now we all see there is a global crisis. It has just started. In a year or two according to experts America will fall and then a real serious crisis will start.

For people it will be the strongest stress for all. I asked if it is possible to publish my books in Hungary. They said there was no chance as the market demand for books decreased by 40% in 2009. Last year it decreased by 50% more. People stopped reading books. If they give presents then this is only food or clothes. And it looks like life did not get too much worse. But in reality, there is the strongest stress.

But I say in Russia people will be dying but they will be reading books. Because without care of the soul, if we care only of body, we will not endure any stress. We are entering years of constant stressful situations. If we react to stress, feeling fear, censure, discontent, all this will store up in our subconscious. In 5-7 years, there could be an outburst of diseases, cataclysms because our energies influences earth.

The way we react on the world around us builds our future destiny and health.

The way we perceive the world creates our inner world and our physics, spiritual and physical body.

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