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 common-questions-about-using-energy-tools1Tips for Using The Energy Tools

Have Less Confusion With More Magical Fun

Learning anything new comes with a whole new level of understanding and awareness. Developing new skills takes practice and in time it begins feeling natural and effortless. Likewise using new Energy Tools can feel awkward at first but with practice, they will become second nature and you will wonder how you ever managed without them. To access the Energy Tools you must first Sign Up as a FREE MEMBER.


How do I know when I am experiencing resistance to using and practicing the tools?

When we are in resistance we focus on what we don’t like or don’t want. You may feel confusion, lazy or rebellious and lack focus or the ability to concentrate. You may find yourself not wanting to practice the tools or give yourself the very things that make you feel better about yourself. You may even notice you don’t remember to use the tools. You may not want to practice using the energy tools or feel that you do not have enough time in your day to use them.

be_in_the_flowThe more you focus on that which you don’t like; you create what you oppose. That opposition or resistance holds you stuck.

Whenever we have difficulty learning something new or doing something we do not know what to do….we go into resistance.
What you resist you become-- It becomes part of your reality.

To release resistance, allow it to release down your grounding cord or put it into a rose and blow it up. Be amused with your resistance and you will learn faster and get more accomplished and the tools will become easier and natural.


Why is grounding so important?

Grounding is the most important tool in your Energy Tool Kit because it allows us to release energy that is stuck in our body and aura. When energy is stuck anywhere in the body or aura, it creates pain, ‘dis-ease’ or ‘illness’. Grounding allows us to release other people’s, energy, past experiences and memories, old beliefs and programming.

If I am grounded all the time, won’t my energy be lower?

No, your energy will actually be higher because you will have more high energy in your body. By being grounded you own your power and the ability to focus your energy and use it in the moment. When you focus your energy your energy gets stronger.
When you are grounded and bring your higher self into the body, your energy gets much higher. You may have physical sensations of being heavier or solid since the body actually uses less energy when it is grounded.

Can I be grounded when I am lying down? 

Yes, you can be grounded standing, lying down, or any other position. Simply, visualize your grounding cord attached to your first chakra like a ball and socket joint. This way you can move about and have your grounding cord follow you.

Can I ground myself while driving?

Yes, I suggest you ground yourself when you get into your vehicle and visualize your grounding cord following you as you drive. You can ground anywhere, anytime. Flying in an airplane. During sports, when in pain, working, watching TV, or praying. In fact you can ground situations, other people, rooms and buildings and projects. Use your imagination and ground yourself all the time.

Some people ground from their feet. Is there a way to do this?
You will have stronger grounding from each foot chakra and hook to the center of the earth.

What is an auxiliary grounding cord?

An auxiliary grounding cord is any additional grounding cord used to direct energy out of the body into your main grounding cord. If you have pain in your neck, imagine a grounding cord from the neck down to the main grounding cord and begin releasing the stuck energy that is creating the pain.

What happens to the energy we release down our grounding cord?
The earth works like a recycling center and it returns the energy to its original source.

center-of-headCenter of Head Tool

Why do we try to sit in the center of our head?

This is a place that allows you to be in a place of neutrality, allows you to control your body. When you are in the center of your head you are in ‘present time’. Since the only place we can create on the 3rd dimension is in present time, it is the most desireable place to be. Since we are here to create in the body, being in the center of our head is where it’s at.

Isn’t it more loving to sit in your heart chakra rather than the center of your head?

If you sit in your heart chakra, you lose all sense of neutrality. If you have an open heart you can be neutal and loving at the same time.

Golden Suns - Replenishing

When is the best time to bring in golden suns?

You can bring Golden Suns into you space any time you think of it. Since they recharge and replenish you when you feel a slump in the middle of the day instead of a caffeine boost, or at the end of a long day. I always recommend to bring in Golden Suns after running your energy to recharge your aura and reclaim some of your own energy that was left elsewhere throughout the day, in past or future time. It interesting to note where you left your energy – it’s often surprising who you left it with and where.

You might bring your energy back after a meeting, vacation, telephone call or stressful event. As you fill up the entire body, the organs, tissue, muscles, bones, nerves are all replenished.

Running Energy - Stress Buster

Can I run energy in the lotus position or sitting on the ground?

If you are in the lotus position you will not run energy through your legs and usually do not own their legs or their free will. When they don’t own their free will, they have to join a group, cult or wise person. The reason you are learning FYS skills is so that you can know what to do for yourself and not depend on someone else. It’s ok to ask for information from someone for a reading once in a while but ultimately you want to get your own information.

If you are outdoors sit on a rock on or a log. Earth energy can be strong and disruptive to directly into the first chakra.

Can I run energy in bed while lying down?

It is not recommended to run your energy lying down because usually lying down a person will have automatic programming light up in the body that tells you to leave the body and so you will go to sleep. Running energy works as long as you are in your body and when you leave the body and it does nothing for you. If you fall asleep  and go to the astral plane, you leave your body wide open. It’s not the safest thing to do.

Can I use these skills in a car?

You can be grounded and be in the center of your head while driving and can run your energy while driving a car, however, to receive the full benefit of the meditative state of running your energy, you have to keep your eyes closed. I don’t recommend driving with your eyes closed but parked is OK.

Why do I nod off the sleep or go unconscious when I run my energy?

It is because you are hitting some unconscious energy that knocks you out of your body. Notice when you go unconscious and work it like any other energy, ground it or put it in a rose and blow it up. It is common to go unconscious in the beginning, keep practicing and when you stray or nod off, when you come to the awareness that you left, bring yourself back and continue running your energy. And, be amused.

Running my energy for 10 minutes is boring and I want to get up and do something else. What should I do?

Keep practicing. With practice you will be able to sit for 30 minutes or more. I suggest getting a timer and setting it for yourself for the allotted time. Stay in your chair until the timer rings. That will help you stay disciplined. Listening to my guided meditation will help you stay on track also. The longer you are able to give yourself to practice at any one sitting will give you the most benefit. I recommend starting with 10-15 minutes and working up to 30 minutes or more. It’s too easy to take this so seriously, have some funny pictures you can show yourself. Have some fun!

Growth Periods

What is a growth period?

A growth period is a time when the body is shifting itself and coming in alignment with the energy shifts in your aura. Some of the energy you are releasing has been with you for a very long time and the changes on the physical plane may require the body to have more sleep, food, exercise and amusement. You may find yourself dropping things, forgetting your own name, or just plain feeling not yourself. Don’t panic this is just a short phase allowing creating more space for you to be in alignment with your higher self.

growth_period1Give your body what it needs to feel ‘real’. Growth periods can be awkward or NOT. They always occur only maybe not at the pace of which you are now noticing them.  Enjoy having a growth period and Be Amused at the changes!
Be good to yourself!

I feel like I’m catching a cold and my body sometimes feel achy. Is this part of a growth period?

These are symptoms of stuck energy that need to be released from the body.
Running your energy and blowing roses will help to alleviate the symptoms more quickly. When or if you stop practicing your tools this sometimes occurs. It’s definitely a clue that you need to begin again.

Separation or Protection Symbols

What is a protection/separation symbol/rose?

It is a symbol/rose that you visualize approximately 2 feet in front of you on the edge of your aura. It is grounded and has an image of you superimposed over it. When people are looking for you they will be guided to the rose and not into your space. It helps you to stay inside your space and to keep others out.

As a protection symbol/rose, it will direct energy that is thrown at you down its grounding cord to the center of the planet. This keeps other peoples energy out of your space.

Sometimes my separation symbol/rose disappears. Why does this happen?

Sometimes the rose will be overloaded is disappear. Simply create a new protection / separation rose when this happens. Ground it. Some days you may have to recreate numerous roses; some days are busier than others. What can I say.

Can I change the color of my rose?

You can create your rose any color, texture or size you desire. If you change the color of you rose frequently, you will notice if it changes or disappears.

What can I do if I have difficulty in visualizing a rose?

Buy a rose, a picture of a rose and study it for a week.  Close your eyes and visualize the rose.

Do I have to use a rose or can I use some other symbol?

To maintain consistency we use roses because we can easily see if there has been any shift in its energy. Since roses are symbols of joy, love and wisdom they to be an appropriate choice.

Can I use more than one rose for protection?

You can create a wreath of roses around you if you desire. The symbol really provides a way for energy to flow away from your space. Whether you create one or many roses the result will be the same.


Can I use these skills in your dreams?

You may find yourself using the skills in your dreams which is using them on the astral or the energy plane. You will find that you become much better at creating the things you want in life since your energy will become much more focused.

Are there any skills to enable me to remember my dreams more?

If you ground and run your energy for a little while before you go to sleep, you will find you remember your dreams more. Running energy clears and cleans your system and grounding allows you to bring in higher information. Your dreams will come in much clearer and you remember them.


I am not good at visualizing? What can I do about this?

Anyone can become good at visualizing. These tools will work for you even if you are not good at visualizing but it is good to allow yourself to learn to use this skill. Often people, who have difficulty visualizing, sit in the rational part of their mind and have a lower permission level to see because it is a way of bypassing the rational mind to use your higher and more encompassing spiritual information.

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