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why_use_energy_toolsMaking Life More Fun With Less Struggle

Right Tools For the Right Job

There are many approaches on the spiritual path but like anything in life, using appropriate tools will make the process infinitely more efficient. Most of us today are so busy we don’t have the time to explore and we want instant success. Meditation, using the right set of tools, makes life easier and more fun.

Basic Concepts

Working in the garden, you might wear gloves and use a hand trowel, a hoe or a shovel. Gardeners understand there is a time to plant, a growing season and harvest time. For a successful harvest, gardeners understand certain plants thrive in shade and others love sunshine. With every aspect in our lives, we use tools and concepts and it is no different in spiritual work.

Meditation Doesn’t Work for Me

Over the years, I’ve heard from people how difficult they think meditation and spiritual work is. Comments such as, “I just couldn’t quiet my mind” or “I just wasn’t doing right” or “It’s not for me!” And honestly, I remember struggling with the exact same issues.

But similarly, you might quit gardening right away if you showed up without seeds, tools or and understanding of the basic concepts. You need the right tools for the right job!

Mindfulness practices are the beginning of creating a great meditation practice. They are great for reducing stress and tension and assist in helping us focus better. Just like in gardening, the sun, water and seeds are required for growing your garden, mindfulness practices are the basis for meditation.

Good gardeners know that in order to create a really amazing garden there are many components that make a difference. In planting which soil to use, sun or shade and which ones grow well together and which tools are most efficient in creating and changing the garden. All of these tools contribute to creating a beautiful and juicy harvest!

Creating A Successful Spiritual Garden

The more meditation tools and concepts you integrate into your life the more abundant you become. Here are some of the Energy Tools and concepts I use in my own spiritual garden.

Learning these Energy Tools, you can:
•    Learn how to feel safe in your own body and protect yourself from others
•    Learn about ‘grounding’ – what it means and how to do it
•    Learn how and why you want to increase your body and spirit connection
•    Learn how to create without effort
•    Gain more energy and increase your vitality
•    Develop better relationships with others and learn how to have healthy boundaries
•    Learn how to validate and love yourself
•    Learn how to stop giving your energy away to others
•    Learn how to find amusement with the spiritual process
•    Increase your awareness about who you REALLY are and how amazing you are!

You can read more about each of Energy Tool in separate blog posts for each.

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