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groundedWhat Does ‘Grounding’ Mean?

Grounding Is A State of Being

My first notion of grounding was vague and unclear. What came to mind was the thought of recovery after a long flight or settling into a new situation. Practicing yoga, I felt ‘grounded’. Working out in the gym I felt grounded. You might have heard someone say, “I need to take a moment and get grounded!” After my Near-Death Experience, as I started discovering Energy Tools, the first feedback I received was ‘you need to be more grounded’. That was puzzling to me because I really thought I was grounded and fully comprehending this concept took time before I fully understood what was meant.

Understanding Grounding

First you must understand the mechanism of ‘getting grounded’ before you can recognize when you are in the state of ‘being grounded’. Being grounded is a state of being aware of our connection to the planet Earth. It provides a stable, solid foundation much like a good friend who is always there with a shoulder to cry on in difficult times.
It is that stabilizing quality of the Earth that gives us the foundation for ‘being grounded’. Connecting to the Earth gives us a tool for releasing energies that are not our own and/or not supporting us. Just like processing our difficulties with a dependable friend, we can release discordant energies into the Earth. The Earth is like a trusted friend and willingly absorbs and recycles these energies. Since the Earth is a natural recycler, when we are grounded, the body feels safe and processes energy more efficiently allowing us to be more open, creative, magnetic and alive.

Grounding a simple and surprisingly powerful way to balance, relax and heal the body. Your body is hydro-electric system and it needs a way to release and redirect excessive energy. Most electrical systems have a means of grounding that allows excess energy to release safely into the Earth. Buildings have lightning rods on the side or top to redirect lightening away from the building into the earth. Most electrical appliances have 3-prong plugs; one acts as a ‘ground’ redirecting excessive energy safely into the earth.

When grounded a person feels safe, clear, and supported. Being grounded enhances your ability to be present in the moment and life seems to flow more easily when your body is grounded.

Being Un-Grounded

Most people spend most of their lives ungrounded. Have you ever felt muddled, a bit spaced out, overwhelmed or frantic? Being ‘drunk’ or ‘drugged’ are good examples of being ungrounded. If you ever spent many hours studying, plugged into the digital world or binge watching TV, stepping away to grab a bag of chips and a coke, you can actually feel things are foggy, distorted or surreal. When we are ungrounded, it’s difficult to make good choices or sound decisions. Do you know someone who is overly forgetful, misses appointments, is forever lost or out-of-sync? They are literally ‘ungrounded’.
Being ‘ungrounded’ isn’t all bad though. Creative thinking can also be ‘ungrounding’ as ideas stream in and out. It’s a fun place to be and might feel exciting and productive being in the creative flow.

A grounding meditation helps free yourself from the stress of your day and calms the nervous system, bringing you to a calm, clear and stable place.

getting_groundedWhy Get Grounded

Gathering creative ideas is great, but executing them comes from being grounded.

Grounding helps your energy body stay with your body and ‘be in the moment’. When grounded, you see, hear, and experience things more fully, helping the body to relax, get out of fear, aggression, competition or uncertainty.

People who are grounded feel good to be around. You may have even heard yourself refer to them as “He/she is so grounded!” Those individuals appear more responsible, PRESENT in their body, attentive, and in-tune with their surrounding and others. Life appears to flow more effortlessly for them.

Being grounded helps us to achieve our goals. Binge watching House of Cards can be a great stress release, but being grounded while watching it, allows you to release the emotional highs and lows you feel watching it. Grounding brings you back into your own reality to manifest what you want to create. Grounding is such an invaluable tool in healing yourself that it’s worth taking the time to be sure you can do it easily and comfortably with practice.

How to Get Grounded - Purchase Grounding Meditation 

Exercise: Grounding  

Grounding can be simple, and it takes some practice.

1.    With your eyes closed, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
2.    From the base of your spine, make a mental connection downward to the Earth’s energy to discharge excess energy and stabilize your body.
3.    Close your eyes; stay focused.
4.    Create a mental image of a line of energy or cord between the base of your spine and the center of the Earth. It doesn’t have to be perfect; imagine that you are in kindergarten as you draw your cord.
5.    Imagine an electric cord grounding you to the center of Earth.
6.    Secure this grounding cord at the base of your spine.
7.    Notice your breathing.
8.    Using the gravitational pull of the planet, allow foreign energies to discharge from your body and energy surrounding the body (aura).
9.    Notice how your body feels while grounding. Imagine the stuck energy draining out of you and into the Earth.


The center of the Earth looks beautiful. Allow it to be as beautiful as you want. It might even have a cool, soothing lake. Visualize your grounding cord as a waterfall, tree roots, laser beam, train track, USB cable or whatever is most desirable to you. Allow your imagination to create perfect images for your use.

Practice this daily. Any time. Any place.

You can ground yourself in line at Starbucks, at dinner, working, driving or sitting in traffic, working out at the gym, playing sports, talking on the phone, in the shower, on the toilet (very good place to let go), sleeping, cooking, traffic lights, your route to work, meetings, watching TV, working on the computer, studying, phone lines, situations not going your way, etc.

Ground other people, situations, places or things.

Just give them an imaginary grounding cord. Practice grounding: crying babies, barking dogs, pets, that dude talking loudly on his cell phone, obnoxious clients, grumbling clients, your boss, your husband, your wife, creditors, the kids, school, work, road rages, traffic accidents, reports, house cleaning, buildings etc,problems not yet solved, worries, other people, spouses, the kids, other people’s problems, dramas, crises, emotions, pain, judgments, criticism, compliments, anxiety, worries, difficulties, rejection, to-do list….etc etc).

Energy Game – Just For Fun Try grounding someone walking in front you and watch what happens. They will probably turn around. It’s really fun. … and it works!


1. Practice. The more you “ground” yourself, the happier, healthier and better you feel.

2. Remember to Remember. Grounding will become second nature with practice it much like breathing or smiling. Try to remember to ground yourself as you begin your day or as you get out of bed in the morning. Check in with yourself during the day to see if you have a grounding cord. Ground yourself before you go to sleep will help you wake up refreshed and alert.

3. Keep it Simple! Using the Grounding Tool in meditation works much like a boat anchor and/or a drain. Being anchored is stabilizing. When you through water down the drain you probably don’t think twice about it. Never mind, where did it go?  Be patient with yourself and have fun with it. Allow yourself to just let go!


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