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golden_roseThe Power of The Rose 

The Key To Immortality

The ROSE, a flower that stands predominantly for love, is a perfect presentation of the universal pattern that of the fractal-the moving geometry that extends into infinite creativity. The rose is symbolic for the chakra, the energy center, universally, cosmically planetary and breath the living intelligence of the DNA encased by the human form. As the most sacred of flowers, the rose is symbolic presentation of the language of light. felt love and embraced by all on conscious and unconscious levels. All those aware individuals who are drawn towards the higher harmonics of the 3rd dimensions, the merge with the 4th dimensions, will intrinsically and instinctively know the language of light presentation of the rose.

Tthe rose holds never ending abundant knowledge and stands for a road where there is no end. It is a magical tool that supercharges energetic elements using the language of light to communicate with the higher mind, superconscious field DNA. Using pictures or images of roses, all work within the language of light communication field. Rose aromas, oils and essences all provide magical tools, cleansing activations and healing.

The Golden Rose

The golden rose is a fractal key unlocking doorways into higher realities or higher realities or unlocking the rose storgate. The golden rose therefore stands as one symbol in itself, one language of light presentation or letter of the cosmic alphabet to be utilized and called upon  by the traveler sailing upon the sea of enlightenment.

Rose Color Symbols

Pinks, Reds - represents connection to the physical self and romantic love.

White - is a symbol of peace, the angelic and christ consciousness.

Yellow - represents the solar plexus, gut feeling and center of power.

Orange -  is a symbol for the divine feminine sacral self.

Purples - represents spiritual awakening and expansion of immaginative field of art.

Blue - speaking the language of the rose of love, unity, chanting and singing passing fractal never ending keys and codes to others.

Black - represents awakening the shadow, embracing the opposing frequency to light moving into the dark and accessing all that is positive there. When paired with the white rose, the symbol is that of balance, genius, inner marriage.

Source: Youtube - Published on Apr 27, 2015 by Magenta Pixie

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