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Learn How to Live With Your Light ON

Learn how to Permanently Clear ALL of Your Negative Energies

Listen to AMIRAH HALL in conversation with host Elena Manneson Connecting to Light Telesummit. This is definitely one you can’t afford to miss… as you will learn how to living with your LIGHT ON and how to permanently clear all your negative energies. Learn How To Change Everything and turn Negative Feelings Into What You Desire…

Here's what you will learn on Amirah's call:

•    Learn how to find and express your personal purpose
•    How to deal with negative emotions, and make them work for you
•    How to clear everything blocking your abundance!

•    Learn why you feel lost and stuck – and how to change that

•    Develop a higher version of YOU and live it!

•    Connect to your true light, your true power, and find out why you no longer need escapes and temporary fixes to live with joy
•    Find your real purpose and the way to have abundance and joy!!!

Learn How Change Your LIFE...Connect to Light and Life!
Listen to a RePlay of Amirah on Connect to Light Telesummit below:

Connecting to Light Telesummit Replays

Amirah Hall is an internationally known Quantum Energy Expert teacher, mentor and speaker.

Her personal story is inspiring with over 30 years of inner discovery and overcoming life-threatening obstacles. Amirah uses her life experiences including a NDE for the benefit of others guiding others through personal issues that continue block and weigh them down.

Her life story is an inspirational one of inner discovery and of overcoming obstacles from her past. Amirah uses her life experiences for the benefit of others helping them to overcome personal issues that continue to weigh them down.
What people are saying about Amirah

Veronica, “I have worked with Amirah Hall for several months and have found her to be an incredibly accurate clairvoyant and powerful energy healer. She helped me sell one of my houses that it was really amazing.  She described details accurately and after the session I sold the house almost immediately."
Manju says, “When I met Amirah the 1st time, I couldn’t believe her. But then I realized there was something within her that I just want to try it out. After the 1st session experience I had with her is truly remarkable.

Something amazing happened and I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I’ve been with many healers and branded coaches but there was nothing comparable to Amirah’s work and insights."
Anna Says, "Tammy (my friend) wanted to have a baby and after going to Amirah, she’s pregnant. Telar, Tammy's friend also went to see Amirah and then she got engaged. Another friend Anna went to see Amirah and told me, “You have to go see Amirah--I don’t know how, but magic happens. Something happens—a miracle happens.”
Andrew Says,  “Amirah!! Things are going so well for me-- I've never had this much business and it feels amazing!!!"

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