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True Healing Comes From Within

Resolve Fears and Emotions of The Past 

A friend recently confided that she’s been feeling unwell for several months. She had trouble sleeping at night and then felt sluggish and irritable during the day. Her stomach always seemed upset and she had severe heartburn. Consulting her doctor, they were unable to identify any specific medical problem.

This has been going on for months!” she complained. “I’m awake all night and the next day I drag myself, drinking a dozen coffees. I have trouble focusing and feel lightheaded and dizzy.” I listened to her concerns, then asked her if it was okay if I tuned into her energy field. I quickly detected that there wasn’t anything physically interfering with having a good night’s sleep. Surprisingly, even reducing caffeine didn’t seem to be an issue.

From the start though I suspected the source of his problem was much deeper.

Symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion and acid reflux were a result of my friend’s concern about the current political climate. She was bombarded by negative news and social media and felt powerless to do anything about the increase in violence, intolerance and abuse of the planet.

At the core of her problem was that she was scarred at childhood from a family environment that was toxic, unstable and chaotic. Her two alcoholic parents and angry, hostile older brother affected her fragile, emotional foundation. As an adult, she had built a realitively peaceful, orderly life for herself and family, but now fear of events of the world, beyond her control were impacting her physical, mental and spiritual health.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with her that a good soul-healing couldn’t fix. Working with her energy, I identified and released repressed pain and trauma from her youth, allowing her to heal. I also gave her some tools so that she would be able to face her fear over current events – which would be more manageable now that the underlying issue had been addressed.

Shortly after, she let me know that she was sleeping better and the physical symptoms had evaporated. Her story perfectly illustrates how old feelings and emotions become trapped in your body, and can be triggered by current events.

I’m sure that many of you are feeling the effects of old trauma – physical, mentally or emotionally – and you may not even know it.

Here are four signs that your Soul is in need of some deep healing:

  • You have a persistent illness that persists – no matter how many doctors you visit and how many remedies you try.
  • You feel like you’re on a perpetual treadmill – always running but never reaching your goals.
  • You’re physically and mentally, disconnected and detached, as if sleepwalking through life.
  • You have a nagging feeling that there’s something important that needs to be addressed. It’s not enough to heal your symptoms when the source of what is troubling you is Soul or energy based.

True healing of the spirit, comes from within – even mental help professionals can’t fully heal their patients unless the patient is willing to face and resolve their fears, their emotions and their past.

You’ll discover dozens of techniques for spiritual and energy healing in my Making Miracles Intensive or Love Up Your Life Training in nearly 24 hours of audio and video that will help you to first heal yourself and then help and heal others.

If you have questions about your own Spiritual/Energy healing, schedule a Breakthrough Session here.

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