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Stop, Listen, TrustIncreased Energetic Frequencies

Rapid and Unexpected Changes Everywhere

Can you feel the energetic frequency shifts? I mentioned it in my last post, that there’s an energetic frequency increase occurring on the planet. Or maybe you can relate to just a whole lot of weird stuff happening. 

Surely you have noticed increasing political and economic chaos around the world. 

Uncertainty Abounds

The world around us feels unstable and it is hard to know who or what to believe in anymore. It’s as if there’s a deep current of nervous expectation that something unknown is going to happen. Can you relate this this deep feeling of wondering where the next shoe is about to drop?

Some people are hitting roadblocks in everything they do. Have you noticed long-term situations or relationships abruptly end? Every week it seems as though I get another shock of someone making a radical change. It’s not surprising to me that for most people, this shifting experience feels ‘negative’ as they bang their heads against the wall determined to continue on their old and familiar path. That is of course, until something stops them dead in their tracks (sometimes it is quite literal). One of my clients who is has been an endurance horse rider and trainer for over a decade, was thrown off a horse recently and is now recovering from a severe shoulder break and most likely will never return to his long term employment. Thrown off the old path and onto a new uncharted one filled with discovery and adventure. 

inner-awakeningPreparing For Radical Shifts

The way I see it, we are preparing for an opening and a radical shift in the way we think and relate to our world and each other. Many people are beginning to sense inner awakening with a feeling of ‘oneness’ as the old world of familiarity is collapsing, making room for a new ‘reality’.

This is exciting!!! And, if you can't quite feel it yet from your vantage point, just know we are immersed in an incredible process.

It was just three years ago when my own world of familiarity took a radical change. I took the leap of faith selling most of my worldly possessions (I only have a 5’x5’ storage unity now) and moved half way around the world from San Diego, CA to Dubai, UAE and continued to share my work and energy tools into the Middle East.

Taking risks

Heck yeah, I only had a small amount of money in my pocket. I landed, tumbled, turned and curled-up in a ball some nights and just CRIED. It was scary as hell – just following my intuition without a road map. But, I pulled up my bootstraps and practiced my energy tools. I had no one to turn to so….. I depended on them.

Yes, I questioned my own sanity at times and doubted myself. What am I crazy?!? This is absurd and what’s next? All barraged my sense of logic. But, there was always a little voice inside pushing me forward.

Stop Listen Trust 

I learned to TRUST and FOLLOW my intuition at a deeper level. The only thing for sure was for me to: Be Open. Trust. And, continue taking steps. Believe me, there were times when I felt like I was completely in the dark, all alone and not knowing which way to go, what to do. So, I’d STOP. LISTEN, and TRUST, taking my next step.

What I know is that staying stuck is painful! We’re being nudged in new directions, stepping off a cliff with no rescue team and trusting the Universe to support us.

You are creating FREEDOM to JUST BE.

It’s just that simple. The difficulty most people encounter is in the part of letting go of what’s familiar and safe. So, holding on even harder only creates resistance in the process.

If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know that if you’re rigid the ride isn’t smooth. It’s when you relax and get into the rhythm of the horse’s gate that you have more control and can enjoy your ride.

So, get on your horse and ride … with Faith, Trust and Fairy Dust ! 

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