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higherenergeticvibrationOverwhelming Rapid Changes

Solar Influences Increase Anxiety and Restlessness

It’s like we’re in a spiritual crunch-time; cramming as much learning and releasing as possible into a very short period. I’m not an astrologer, but in summary, this week’s Planetary alignments are stirring up some anxieties and negative or circular thinking. The amount of information coming in may feel a bit overwhelming with this influence, causing restlessness and nervousness.

Longest Total Eclipse

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 will be the longest total eclipse in almost 11 years, with the Earth blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon (and reflecting back to us) for more than 100 minutes. All of us on Earth, even if we are not in a physical location for viewing the eclipse, as well as Gaia herself, will experience this extended period without the energetic imprinting we are used to receiving from the Moon — energy that reaches us throughout the Moon’s cycle, even when it is only a sliver in the sky.

Revealing What Matters

With this energy source being interrupted, we become more aware than usual of what has been stored in our own unconscious minds. Memories, emotions and deeper motivations flood into consciousness, giving us the opportunity to do our own reflecting on what is really going on inside of us, what we really need and want, and what our intuition is trying to reveal to us regarding these matters.

The benefit comes from being more in touch with your truth as well as gaining a stronger knowing of what you really believe in….aiming higher, seeking greater wisdom and a deeper understanding of truth. It’s an opportunity to be open to new ideas, and make yourself available to experiences that will expand your view of reality.

You may also be challenged to deal with some of those unconscious motivations and hidden beliefs that have been directing the course of your life for many years.

Relationship Wounds Surface

Healing is not about ignoring your pain or allowing your fear of being hurt to interfere with creating future (or more intimate current) relationships. Instead, you are challenged to open your heart and mind and to accept that there is divine purpose behind even those situations that appear unfair or those actions that appear to be betrayal.

You may struggle with righteous anger and the urge to repay in kind. At the very least, you might be tempted to use the experience to justify creating further distance between yourself and the offender. This is an opportunity to say good-bye to those mental patterns that have interfered with your ability to base your life on your intuitive knowing and wisdom.

inner-light1Access Inner Peace and Wisdom

Ask yourself NOT “What do I think?” but “What do I know?” What does that deep inner place of peace and wisdom tell you?

It’s time to use your imagination, to project the image of who you want to be into the future. It also cautions you to realize that who you know yourself to be now, and the way you think about life’s journey, may only be a fraction of who you really are and what you are actually capable of.

Time of Initiation

We are all being initiated now into a higher perspective and into a higher-vibrational version of ourselves.

Wherever you are holding onto old, limited views of reality, you experience resistance. Wherever you allow yourself to move into the greater wisdom of your higher self, you find glimpses of the true power that lies within you — which allows you to experience much greater joy in the present and much greater hope as you dream of the future.

THIS LUNAR ECLIPSE will be instrumental both in helping us see those remaining places of resistance and in facilitating the experience of our greater potential. It also looks like it’s going to give us a LOT to think about as it has the potential to bring unconscious patterns into our awareness.


1. Breathing is always a good idea! Focus on your breath as it gives your brain

2. Do your best not to act impulsively. You may or may not be hearing our intuition as clearly as we would hope. Instead, allow the ideas to come through and record them for later consideration — perhaps when there is less static in the lines.

3. Trust the larger process. Use compassion for yourself and others.

4. Listen to Essential Energy Tools.

5. Join me for the Group Monthly Meditations. See Events Schedule.

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