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biggest fearOne Constant Is Change

Coming Home to Your Heart

What is currently stopping you from being, doing or having what matters most to you in your life? We are living in intense times that are rapidly evolving and shifting. Our world is wildly different then what it was just one year ago. Everything, including you, is in flux and change as we enter a new era of spiritual transformation. 

Coming Home To Your Heart

This is the time that ancient wisdom teachers and mystics talked about, coming home to your heart“. This sounds wonderful, except there's one small problem. Statistics show that 62% of the population fear change and fears block change. Fear is a normal part of being human as it warns us of impeding danger and prepare for fight or flight. But when it comes to making changes in in life, most people get stuck. The question then is, how then can you be part of the 38% of the population that embraces change?

Fear Keep You Stuck

So, ask yourself, "where is fear is keeping you stuck in some area of your life?" Maybe you find yourself procrastinating. Or do you come up with brilliant reasons tell you why YOU think you can’t have something, or be a certain way or do what you want in life?

Many people are feeling a nudge to listen to an inner voice or calling and follow their heart. And, this can feel scary because you might not yet know what the nudge looks or feels like. You might be called to leave what’s familiar to you and move to a new place, begin a new career or walk away from dead-end relationships.

It Happened To Me

In 2009, I sold my house along with twenty-three years of accumulated stuff. My beloved books, furniture, fine china and momentos — Gone! I only felt an urgency to ‘lighten my load’ and so I purged everything I possibly could. Other than that, I had no plan of where I was going. Now that was quite scarey, and not like me either. Within two weeks of the move out date, a friend offered me a place to live where I stayed for the next eighteen months all-the-while learning new skills and released more ‘fear’ of the unknown.

Being in the Moment – Day-by-day!

My changes were huge. At times I felt completely overwhelmed, but kept trusting my inner voice and continued putting one foot in front of the other. Then one day, one of my clients who moved from Chicago to the Middle East strongly suggested that I move to Dubai, UAE to offer my services. And, here I find myself writing this post from Dubai, UAE — only because I’m practicing being in the moment — taking things day-by-day.

Amirah & Wafi

Following My Heart - Trusting My Intuition

I'm touched by the many messages from clients and Facebook friends who are inspired by my steps into the unknown. And, when moments of fear show up from time to time, I'm reminded that I’m doing the right thing. Making major life changes often come without a GPS system and takes courage and strength.

Make Your Heart Sing  

Have you noticed how it seems to be much easier to come up with what you don’t want instead of being really clear in what you DO want? That seems to be a universal default button.

However, the greatest gift comes by taking the time to get clear about what you want in your life. For over thirty years now, I’ve been building my inner foundation in preparation for this new era of awakening. Gaining clarity (in what feels like inch-by-inch) is a continual process and it’s what the skill ‘clairvoyance’ is really all about. It means clear vision. Embarking on a journey of healing emotional wounds and releasing fear allows inspiring ideas and hope to flow.

Release Fears is Life Transforming

life purposePurging energetic blocks with consciousness tools, shifts your energy vibration and you effortlessly and magnetically attract your desires. The secret is 'being in a natural flow'. Releasing conscious and unconscious fear, shifts your energy so you ‘come home to your heart’, reconnecting with your soul’s purpose. What would you like to see different in your life?

Imagine feeling:

  • Safe and Supported..
  • Loved...
  • Infinitely Happy...
  • Peaceful and Inspired...
  • What would be different in your life?
  • How would you feel?
  • How would others feel around you?

There's no questions that "coming home to my own heart" has presented me with some obstacles along the way. Moving around the world was just one of them. Learning how to live in this part of the world isn’t always a cake-walk. It is a constant challenge to stand in my power and be in alignment with ALL of who I am. Using my energy tools every single day is a God-sent gift that I am pleased to share with all who accept them.

The Right Tools For the Right Job

Having the right tools to move energetic blocks and to maintain balance in this topsy-turvey adventure called life, has truly changed every aspect of my life. When readers share how magically life's challenges are transforming, I'm encouraged to continue  sharing them and nudging you along to practicing them too.

If you haven't already, encourage you to getting past your fears with the support of FREE Essential Energy Tool Kit and get started practicing with them NOW!

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