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Create Balance and FlexibilityExpand Creativity, Intuition and Inspiration

Time Of Great Awakening 

This is an extra-ordinary time of choice on the planet. We are experiencing rapidly changing events and situations as the world around us is shifting into a new reality. And so are we. We have a choice to re-create the old dramas or, do we can choose to create the freedom to draw on a clear canvas bringing forth new possibilities. 

Trusting Your Intuition

As trusting your intuition grows, you discover viable pathways to fulfilling your life passion and purpose unfold. In restless, demanding and impulsive times, if you resist your own instincts, disruptions will occur. As the Earth comes back into balance, so must we. Using the power of NOW, be reminded of this present moment and align with your inner navigational system and divine inspiration.


Moving Through Turmoil

Getting past moments of turmoil and making a commitment to being present to this remarkable moment in time is a powerful step. With a greater infusion of higher energetic frequencies giving us staying power the sense of excitement for what lies ahead is growing. When roadblocks appear and block the path you have been walking on, consider opening to new ways and taking a whole new direction in your life. When you can not comprehend what your next step might be, just surrender and be open to possibilities, and inspiration for new ideas.

Creative Rings Meditation Expands Inspiration

Consider using Creative Rings guided meditation in opening your inspiration and creativity, making the most of opportunities as they appear. Get it at Amirah's Online Store: Creative Rings Meditation. Enjoy the ride of expanding your sense of self on your path of awakening.

Philip Stark, a famous French industrial designer, says that creativity is not related to a talent or an extent of ones being genius. He says, “In order to be creative you need to develop a passion to do something for your friends. First, you must be generous. Then you have to be your own inner psychic and ask yourself to follow your conscious and subconscious mind. Feel vulnerable.” 

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