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waking_upWake Up to A Whole New Reality

Allowing New Energies To Flow Through You 

You are participating in this SHIFT (like it or not) and healing yourself by ALLOWING the energies to move through you, creating great transformation like having a system upgrade. Reality as you know it is shifting and your identity is shape-shifting right along with the dimensional shifts creating it. This creates a tremendous opportunity for you to learn about and participate in your own great spiritual awakening and expansion.

New Energies Entering Your Soul Essence

You may feel new energies or light entering your core essence for the very first time in this incarnation. It's time to rub your eyes, sit up, taking stock of the situation. It’s WAKE UP TIME!!!

As new light seeps into your consciousness all you have to do is acknowledge the miracles waiting to be revealed. In other words, no need stress out by contemplating all that needs to be done, work hard, carry heavy loads uphill or strain against the current. All you have to do is ALLOW.  Open yourself with a childlike curiosity, letting the ever-increasing creativity flow through you. Allow yourself to simply BE.

Allow—do not strain, push or grind your teeth for what you might expect. Rather swim like the dolphins in a sea of possibilities. Stop trying so hard and HAVE FUN.

Immerse Yourself In The Magic of The Universemagic-of-the-universe

Have you ever watched children revel in the wonder of magic?

Imagine yourself being immersed in the magic of the Universe. Remember, you cannot control this is any way, or rather, if you try to control it, you will be like hitting the sleep button. Letting go of any restraints and simply dive in, losing your way as you explore brand new avenues of self expression.  

Out of Chaos Rises Creation 

Would you prefer to experience drudgery or a sense of wonder, awe and joy? It is not as if everything is going to fall in order like a precise architechtural blueprint. No, instead imagine you are in kindergarten sitting inside a heap of blocks strewn about. You are free to build anything you like. You might start building something and as ideas begin to flow you creation develops into something completely different. Letting go and having fun steers the experience in a whole new way. Let your inhibitions fall away to a rise in creative expression.

Changing The Way You Live Your Life

Many people are experiencing physical symptoms resulting from earth changes such as heart palpitations, joint pain, foggy thinking and tremendous feelings of disorientation and anxiety. Why? They are receiving physical messages that they cannot continue to conduct their lives in the same way. They might quit their jobs, sell all their possessions and move halfway around the world.

The changes we are experiencing are not just physical. We are being energetically re-patterned.

A State of De-Construction

Our old way of being is in a state of deconstruction. How we think and act, our competitiveness, aggression and focus on material gain are all being torn apart. More and more frequently, we are seeing beyond the veil of the third dimension and encountering nonphysical beings, hearing voices we do not recognize. We are increasingly sensitized to others’ thoughts, and subtle shifts of energy within and without us. Clients are sharing more frequently with me that they know about issues and circumstances or situations before they occur. These are premonitions. Telepathy is also a growing spiritual ability that seems to be ever expanding. Have you found yourself having premonitions or dreams of situations occurring and then they happen?

Energetic Quickening

All these changes might feel scary. There’s an energetic quickening occurring; pressure unrelated to the stresses of jobs, finances and families is building. People are wondering, “What is going on?” Well—it’s the end of life as we’ve known it. No old formulas or solutions will work in the beginning of this new era. Our challenge is to cultivate a new vision of ourself and others so we can reconnect with our inner light. Learning practical steps will facilitate and support you during this transition period of opening up to a whole new expression of yourself.

the_power_to_chooseThe Power To Choose

You have the power to direct your path in any direction you choose. Life as we know it is gradually moving into a place where multiple dimensions intersect. And, what does this mean exactly?

All you have to do is choose to listen and do the work.

Once you realize you have the tools to meet yourself in higher levels of awareness, guidance appears from within, from physical 3D teachers and those from beyond this dimension of reality. How you choose to participate in the process is up to you. Kicking and screaming through this re-patterning process only makes it more difficult therefore I suggest you participate willingly. It can make all the difference in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Detox Emotional Toxins

Step One is to cleanse your emotional baggage that glues you to old paradigms. Letting go of toxic emotions creates room for clarity, balance, joy and wisdom. It involves learning to quiet the mind and listening to the voice of the heart. Discovering your inner silence in alignment with your heart, brings you into alighnment with both the the earth and the galactic center. Burning away layers of mental, physical and emotional darkness allows the essence of love to grow and expand. Then, you are clear to live right action, truth and integrity—AWAKE!

Resisting Change Creates Stress

If you take the status quo road (attempting to do everything as you always have done in the past) hoping and wanting everything to stay the same, pain and suffering will definitly take hold. Great change is already occurring—there’s no doubt about it. Resisting changes only brings great stress, destroying chances for peace, harmony, joy and abundance.

Road of Self-Transformation

On the other hand, if you choose to take the road of self-transformation, you can create heaven on earth. You will be able to access magic, spontaneity, instantaneous manifestation, telepathy, time travel and much more. All the spiritual abilities we humans have suppressed in ourselves for eons are available to us. Re-aligning with our inner light with our earth bodies, reconnects us to our divine source. This is who we truly are.

In this time of spiritual and energetic renaissance, you stand at a fork in the road. From this point your choice to take one path or another, everything changes.

Excerpt from ebook, WAKE UP SHIFT HAPPENS, by Amirah Hall.

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