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foresight_important_for_successIntuitive Skills Become Mainstream

Step into Your Authentic Power

With humanity’s awakening process continued acceleration, more people are exposed to consciousness concepts and wanting to discuss spiritual topics. If you’ve been feeling alone on the path, this may be a most welcome development. With intuitive skills coming-of-age, it will no longer be enough to be smart with a high level education or be a high-wage earner. You must develop the quality of foresight to anticipate and navigate changes.

Intuitive Skills are Coming-of-Age

The idea of being intuitive or understanding something without conscious reasoning is becoming mainstream. If you are already aware of your intuition chances are you are hungry for developing and understanding your skills.  

Many Forms of Intuition

Intuition can include visual imagery, sensing within your body--with your ear, or nose, gut, heart or any other way that information arises without the use of logical processes. Most people struggle with their intuition because they have little trust or training in identifying it. Since the western educational system mainly focuses on left-brain skills of logic, rational and intellect the right-brain skills that include intuition, creativity and emotion have generally been ignored.

Intuitive Skills Help You Succeed


As humanity’s awakening quickens, it will no longer be enough to be smart with a high level education or be a high-wage earner. You must develop the quality of foresight to anticipate and navigate changes.

Having foresight gives you the ability to make appropriate decisions, sense upcoming business trends, intuit relationship shifts and take necessary action while maintaining harmony and balance.  Having strong foresight or intuition helps you succeed in every area of your life.

Similar to having a ‘gut feeling’, having foresight you become aware of opportunities, changing markets, and shifting public opinion – with enough time to take appropriate actions. Developing your foresight supports you with deeper self-reflection and transformation on your journey to personal success.

Step Into Your Power Process

  1. Start each day getting ‘centered and grounded’.
  2. Clear your energy field daily as you gain clarity and add energetic potency to your day.
  3. Regularly reflect on the positive changes you are taking in an ongoing process of transformation. Let go of impatience and worry about doing it right or fast enough.
  4. When things get difficult on the journey, spend time doing things you enjoy and be with people who remind you of your virtues. Don’t allow negative people to dump their energy on you. Take a time out for yourself and connect nature and the divine, inviting your inner wisdom to guide you on your path.
  5. Stop resisting problems and issues as they arise. These are your gifts and teachers opening you to expanding and healing your consciousness. It is when you are consciously aware of these issues that you release them and free yourself to an expanded version of yourself.
  6. Stop worrying about the future. Your spirit knows exactly where you are going as you hold unlimited potential within.

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