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fairy_talesDo Nature Spirits Really Exist?

My Personal Fairy-Tale

Do you believe in nature spirits or elementals? Personally, I didn’t give them much creadence until on day while hiking along a river at Mount Shasta, California. As I entered the nature trail, I mentioned to my companion that I sensed a whole pack of 'energy beings' following us. Have you ever felt someone following you, so you turn around to see who it is? Well, I did just that yet there was no one or anything visible to my naked eye.

Tuning Within

Communicating with my thoughts, I wanted to know who was following us. I sensed it was a large group of Gnomes! It seems as though they wanted to know who we were and what we were doing entering the forest and continued to stay with us. I told them we just wanted to spend some time in the forest and meant no harm to them or the forest.

It was fall-time and the colors in the forest were vivid, the air was cool and crisp. The sun was so bright that the forest seemed to be celebrating. We stopped along the path to take some pictures and my friend leaned over a small fence and lost her sunglasses down the steep cliff to the river bank below. She tried to convince me to help her retrieve them but we were not prepared to or skilled to descend the sharp cliff down to the glasses.

I suggested that maybe on our way back we could find a more approachable way to fetch the glasses but all the while I thought, “the glasses are her gift to the river”. The difficult terrain, I thought would make it impossible for us to navigate up or down the ragged rocky cliff to retrieve her sunglasses.

Asking and Negotiating For Their Help

Back on the trail again, I thought I might ask the Gnomes to help us get the sunglasses back. As if hearing my thoughts, they responded that they would help but wanted money for it. Hmmm! I chuckled to myself and thought, "isn’t that the way the world works after all".

Having left my purse and all money back at the car, I asked my friend if she had any money with her and she did not. I didn’t bother explaining why I would ask such a crazy thing and left it at that.

Meanwhile, the dialogue in my mind continued with the Gnomes. They insisted they wanted money and then mentioned they wanted the gold pebble. Before leaving for Mount Shasta, I had put some colorful pebbles in my backpack to give away to someone without knowledge of where or when.

Making a Deal

So, I made a deal with the Gnomes. Apologizing that I did not have any money, I would pay them in pebbles if they helped my friend get her sunglasses back. We continued our hike, reached the beautiful waterfall, meditated awhile then started our return back to the car.

Elementals Family

Gnomes belong to the family of Elementals that are mystical creatures who dwell within the spirit realm of the elements. Elementals can be related to "nature spirits". These are the spirits that govern all nature, the forces of life that may be summoned to assist in working magick. Gnomes are the most substantial of the elementals. They possess a vibratory rate that makes them invisible to humans, but one that is still close enough to the lower physical vibration for them to interact with it. Their actions are reflected in the presence of mineral deposits, the erosion of rock, and the formation of crystals and other geological formations. They dwell in holes, mines, and caverns. They are the most like humans in personality, with all its good and bad points, but they are especially prey to all the weaknesses in human nature. They can be called upon for help with money matters, stability, and growth.

Century Old Tales

In ancient legends the Gnomes were protectors of secret treasures concealed in vast caverns beneath the earth. The old sages taught that the Gnomes were not naturally inclined to aid humankind, but if a person won their confidence and trust they would prove to be valuable allies. However, like all elementals, it was dangerous to deceive them or misuse their aid. 

Elementals work through the subjective nature of men and women, and can influence the human mind. Gnomes have the capability to bring about gloom, melancholy, and despair. Conversely, Gnomes can also bestow confidence, steadfastness, and endurance. Gnomes are ruled by a king whose name is Gob. His followers came to be called Goblins as tales of them were told and retold over the centuries. They usually appear to humans as small, dwarf-like creatures.


As we approached the area where the sunglasses rested on the steep rock ledge high above the river, my friend began to detour down to the river’s edge. When the boulders became too large for me to climb, she handed me her back pack and I waited for her beside a group of large boulders.

My friend disappeared into the tall brush and I again began communication with my Gnome friends. Digging into my backpack, I discovered more rocks than I thought and di a gold pebble that I never remembered having. Surprisingly, I also found a couple of pennies in the bottom of the pouch that I had no idea were there. Then, I laid out the gold and bright green pebbles and the pennies on the top of a huge boulder for my gnome friends.

A few seconds later, I turned around slightly and looked down and tucked neatly under a rock was a pair of gold rimmed reading glasses resting on a pile of leaves. It was if someone laid them there for safe keeping. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked!

Asking For Help

The Gnomes were having a field day with me. They roared with laughter. They brought me glasses all right! But that was NOT our deal. Abuptly, I reminded them that they agreed to bring my friend to me unharmed with the dark sunglasses and until then, I would reclaim their pay. And then within minutes, my friend yelled out that she got the glasses. She told me she had fallen into a large hole and then asked for help. Out of the blue, she felt a little push and she reached over the rock ledge and grabbed her glasses.

Miracles Happen

Miraculously, she returned unscathed with her sunglasses in hand. Sliding down the giant boulder where she left me, I showed her the glasses that the Gnomes brought me while she was gone. With much excitement and gratitude to the Gnomes, I happily gave them their just reward for a job well done. I finished the hike with another reminder to ask for what I desire, and give joyfully for the support received.

Warning! Care needs to be taken when calling the aid of elementals. Elementals are not always the helpful little creatures we'd like them to be, and can be mischievous, bad tempered little devils if allowed to get out of control.

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