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life_changing_timesLife Changing Times

Dismantling Life-Draining Elements

Life-changing TIMES are designed to help us discard elements (physical, mental and emotional) of our lives that are not supportive. Much like after the harvest, the old crop must be dug under in preparation for the new seeds to be planted, old forms must also be dismantled, to make room for new ones.

This dismantling may be occurring on a very unconscious level without you being fully aware of it happening. Yet, we can benefit if we actively participate in the transformation process. For example you can quit the dead-end job or relationship, purge the pantry of unhealthy foods and de-clutter the closet and donate old clothes to charity.
Release anything that has become life-draining instead of life-enhancing and take charge of your life in new ways. What parts of you or areas of your life are ready for re-birth?

Bringing Light Into The Dark

Bringing that which is unconscious into the light is an important step in this transformation process. At times we might need energy support, therapy or counseling help in releasing or breaking free of these deep-rooted patterns. No matter how we chose to approach what is hidden or overlooked inside the caves of our unconscious and gain mastery over them. Using the Energy Tools are especially helpful to release unconscious energies and create space for healing and changes.

There’s plenty of energy moving us toward the fulfillment of our desires. The main caution is to direct the energy with some thoughtful attention as you don't want to regret your actions later. These times call for perseverance and endurance—-just hang in there.

Doubt Kills

groundingAvoid the tendency to wonder if it was the wrong decision or doubting urges or impulses. Doubt kills. Don’t kill the future with doubt. Instead, plod along with patience and persistence. Get grounded! Why Get Grounded Make it real and make it happen. Stay aware and attentive to your inner voice and nudges.

The bottom line message is ‘listen attentively to your Inner Voice that is connected to the Whole’. Even as you begin to realize you are one tiny little part of the Whole, your part is significant and essential. These energetic times call for renewing our commitment to express our true essence more fully in our lives.

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