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getting_back_on_trackIntense Times Require Slow But Steady Steps

Grounding and Centering Tools Are Required 

Many people are facing important decisions right now, and wondering whether they can trust their inner knowing for the best steps to take in what might be life-changing.Intense times are revealing those ways that we allow fear of the unknown to prevent us from trusting in our ability to access the subtle realms of intuition and inner guidance. 

Slow But Steady Steps

It’s really a good time to take slow, steady, practical steps that align with your personal values. Putting one foot in front of the other, taking slow but steady steps is a good approach so as not to trigger excessive fear and gives us practice in receiving support from those around us and practice trusting God.

Having faith in the ‘magic in our lives’ can be tough when the money you need to launch a new project or make a big move isn’t available. What can feel even tougher though is that you must trust the Universe is working in perfect order and your job is to release any fears that impede the process.

Letting Go of Fears

In letting go of fears, you allow feelings of greater inner peace that your life is unfolding beautifully and your greatest desires will be manifest. This peace is the kind where you ‘just know and trust’ that your desires will manifest. The support will be there if you 'allow'. So will the money, inspiration, people, guidance or anything else you need.

Spinning Your Wheels

The problem with having so many wonderful ideas is that you can feel overwhelmed and feel like you are just spinning your wheels without any clear direction. It’s a bit like having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Taking new risks can be liberating but it’s equally important in taking the time to fully understand the long-term implications of our choices.

Staying grounded (Energy Tools #1, #2- Audio Files) will help you consider your ideas from a clear and practical perspective.

Getting Back On Trackmeditation_improves_brain

With many new ideas spinning in our heads, an inner rebellion is brewing. Themes like ‘Get it done! Start a diet! Get business together! Get it straight!’ are nudging us back on track. The inner Self is squeezing us to ‘heal ourselves’. This is time to ‘walk your talk’ and create a better way for you.

If you feel like the Universe has pulled the rug out from under you, this is your opportunity to heal your emotional, mental and physical attachments to things. These times take courage and clarity. Being pushed into discomfort allows truth to be revealed. Get things straight. Call a spade a spade. Letting Go is a priority.

Get Grounded and Centered

Have you been feeling like you’re riding a mental rollercoaster, one minute excited and passionate but the next overwhelmed and pessimistic? Grounding and centering are always important skills to practice and can be like a trusted friend in these intense times. Taking what I call an ‘energy shower’ using Stress Buster, Energy Tool #7 can illuminate and release some limiting beliefs that are interfering in moving forward in creating what is important in your life.

Establish New Internal Channels of Communication

For many people, deeper work of release and clearing may be needed. The need to establish new channels of communication is important if you want to access hidden beliefs and dismantling energies blocking your progress. In getting support you access more of your own life force energy to move forward and manifest your priorities.

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