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Oprah Winfrey - Surrender and WinOprah says, “Surrender. Be in The Flow.”

Sing, Pray and Cry -- How Do You Let Go?

Most people think they have to work harder, strive, give, pray, beg, sacrifice, plead, bargain, hope or wish more… to get waht they want. But, it's the opposite. It is when you let go of wanting something desperately, you release the resistance that’s blocking your manifestation.

Who or what is stopping you from having what you want? When your energy is flowing with your thoughts and feelings in alignment, you easily attract what you want. You become a magnet and effortlessly draw to you those things you desire.


Be Part Of The Flow

When you have worked, strived, given, prayed, begged, sacrificed, pleaded, bargained, hoped – STOP! The ‘wanting’ something, then ‘surrendering’ your desires is part of the letting go process. You don’t have to fight. Stop fighting your mother, brother, father, sister…or God. God dreams a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself.

Get Out Of The Way

Give it up to God of the Universe! In the process of letting go of not having what you want – you surrender. When you can truly let go and become neutral, magic occurs.

Rather than “What shall you do?” Ask yourself, “What would God have you to do?”

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