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waves-of-changeMassive Shifts Occurring

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Do you ever feel like like crawling out of your skin? Or, is it there something that feels like it is crawling under your skin?!? It is as if we are shedding the old parts of us for something new like a caterpiller turning into a butterfly. There are huge planetary energetic shifts occuring and our bodies are trying to catch up or maintain an equilibrium.

It’s absolutely awesome, sometimes scary, exciting and amazing in spite of the many superficial challenges. At the same time, I feel drained, dizzy, unbalanced, sometimes more energized, more spontaneous, peaceful, more beautiful and more directed than I have ever felt. I’m breathing into the momentary temper tantrums while embracing this rebirthing process — LOL !

Here are samples of the Guided Meditation’s to support you as you riding the waves of changing consciousness.


Diamond Light Energy Activation

Join Amirah Hall on a guided experiential journey using ‘Diamond-Light’ Energy Activation' to align your body, mind and soul. With this ‘MerKaBa Energy Transformation’, activate latent DNA codes to access full body, mind and spirit potentials to achieve your true awakening.

A MerKaBa is the light energy field that surrounds all things. As human beings, it is the vehicle (Ka) for our consciousness to reside in. Mer means Light and Ba means Spirit, so literally translated it is "Light-Body-Spirit" or simply Lightbody. Everybody has a Merkaba or even multiple Merkabahs. When it is fully activated, a Merkaba functions like a temple built in Divine proportions, drawing energy from above to specific level affecting physical, emotional, mental and any other levels beyond conscious awareness.

Benefits Of The Merkaba Activation

Activating your Merkaba changes everything you experience as you connect more directly with the Source Creator and effortlessly draw your desires to you. Here are some of the direct effects you may experience:

1. Increased healing effectiveness.

2. Clearer communication with your Higher Self and the higher dimensions including the Supreme Being.

3. Feel more grounded and connected to your life and its purpose.

4. Stronger intuition.

5. Get instant relief from stress/anxiety/worry for a renewed sense of calmness/oneness/peace.

6. Raise the energy on the planet.

7. Step into your own personal power.  

8. Feel the 'oneness' of ALL.

9. Freedom from fear, illusion of separation and worldly trappings.

10.  Fast track to personal enlightenment and healing.

Flower of Life

flower-of-lifeThe Flower-of-Life symbol is considered sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol are found the building blocks of the Universe, connecting all of life and spirit within the Universe.   

In this guided meditation, you activate DNA codes using the ‘Flower-of-Life’ that assists in releasing old patterns, paradigms, beliefs and out-moded ways of living and being. Using the ‘language of light’, emerge as a ‘New Awakened Human’.

Listen to Meditation Introduction

How are you noticing these energetic shifts? How are you riding the waves of change?

A Facebook friend recently wrote this and I thought it was a great astrological explanation of the ‘waves of change’ coming. 


Uranus, the planet of Change, Revolution and Innovation enters Aries exactly at 11th of March 2011 and when we look down to Africa and the Middle East we already get an impression of what we’ll see globally on our planet for especially the next few years till 2018.

Additionally, Pluto which stands for transformation goes square to Uranus around 6 times in these coming years. Going square means conflict, means that something has to grow, it can’t move on like it was before. When we take the third transpersonal planet into the analysis we come to see what needs to be changed profoundly. It’s Neptune (Spirituality) moving back into its own, most powerful house (pisces being the most spiritual house) at the 5th of april this year.

So far so good, but how does the whole picture look like, what does this mean in a practical manner?

We’ll see what so many cultures and spiritual traditions predicted for the time around 2012 – radical change in human consciousness on a collective, global scale. It’s like the 2012 waves are hitting the streets now, coming into all of our homes and lives, not only seeing the changes in the financial, economic and environment area, but just directly in our personal lifes, relationships, jobs and especially on a psychological level within us.

It means sudden change out of nowhere, it means power to the people and particularly it means every person following his/her heart will be supported strongly by building up a new society of true collaboration and democracy.

On the other side trying to hold on to old structures, thinking and behaviour means conflicts of authority, loosing power and personal crisis. 

It’s gonna be definitely a wild time, take the 68 movement and imagine you are sitting at the same time in a space craft shooting you into the blue sky, into the unknown cosmos which enables you to widely open to a completely new perspective about life and its pure beauty and magnificence ~ Markus Thierer


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