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wellness1Creating Wellness Creates Miracles

Have a Balanced Life 

Wellness starts with making a conscious decision to create a healthy lifestyle and integrating mind, body and spirit. For most people, with ever growing pressure to achieve, excel and perform, having a quality life has become more challenging. Are you living a balanced life, one of wellness OR is your life wobbling out of balance?

The Wellness Wheel of Life

Imagine your life is a wheel. Sometimes it has a few bulges or perhaps it’s a bit flat. Or there could be a small hole, something missing and you’re feeling deflated. And sometimes your wheel is out of alignment.

All areas of your Wellness Wheel may not be equal but it’s easier for the wheel to spin if it is balanced in some way. Just like driving a car with misaligned wheels, you have to work hard to keep it straight or it veers off the road as soon as you let go of the wheel. You want to keep your life in balance so you can enjoy a smooth ride.

When you decrease inflammation and volatility in your mind and body, you are inspired and purposeful and your wheels turn smoothly. If you are always working or stressed, you lose inspiration. Your purpose is to have a life-purpose!

Top 10 Reasons to Create Wellness in Your Life

Get Answers for Your Questions1. Get Answers for Your Questions

Advice can come from many sources but ultimately YOU must make the unique decisions for designing and maintaining quality for your health, leisure and wellness choices. NO ONE, not experts, teachers, healers, doctors, your parents, friends, or closest loved ones, have all the answers for you. Getting your own answers to life’s many challenges is empowering. Access your own intuition and be your own best friend.


Focus for Success2. Be Focused and Grounded in Reality.

It is very difficult to be well and focused on excellence in lifestyle if you can’t express your talents and passions in some manner. If you are unable to focus on your goals, how will you ever accomplish them? When you are ‘present’, focused and grounded you can clearly and easily make decisions. Being grounded in reality with clear focus is the key to achieving your goals and life success.

Be More Effective


3. Be More Effective.

Changes are inevitable and they are happening at a faster pace than ever before. Being in wellness enables you to deal more effectively with changes and their outcome. Achieving your goals will be easy and effortless. Communication will be more clear and concise.


Make Better Choices4. Make Better Choices.

Your lifestyle choices, including your attitudes/beliefs/emotional responses and actions, will have a far greater impact on your health, work and wellness performance than any and all doctors who do or could serve you, the economy, the environment, your income level, your age, your retirement plan or your luck. As you make better choices for yourself you increase your self-confidence and self-trust.

Have More Fun5. Have More Fun.

Wellness is too important to be pursued without enthusiasm or fun. Making new choices, having a new awareness of yourself and others can be so much fun. Having a good sense of humor about yourself, others and nuances of life makes the experience more playful and changes can occur quickly and easily.


Increase Self-Esteem6. Increase Self-Esteem.

Balancing the body, mind and spirit creates harmony and joy. Feeling good about yourself with an optimistic outlook attracts positive people, situations and experiences to you.


Creates Flexibility and Balance7. Creates Flexibility and Balance.

Balance is a good thing but there are times when you have to put it aside to pursue a passion over time, a heroic quest or other short-term goal that takes too much time and energy to permit the maintenance of balance. Being flexible with a sense of balance helps to maintain an integrated lifestyle of wellness. Allowing life to unfold in ways that may seem un-natural, may surprise you in their perfect outcome.


Develope Healthy Practices8. Develop Healthy Practices.

It’s better to take up healthy practices than to give up unhealthy habits, at least initially when trying to enhance the quality of your lifestyle. For example, you are better advised to take up a satisfying activity like vigorous walking before you attempt to quit smoking. Allowing addictive or negative behaviors to dissolve creates space for increased vitality and personal strength.


Increase Capacity to Love9. Increase Capacity to Love.

Loving yourself is the key to attracting, building and sustaining relationships. Loving your work and your life gives you ultimate freedom to express yourself. Being selfish and learning to nurture yourself increases your capacity to love others. Increasing your capacity to love yourself and others increases your ability to create your heart’s desires. Loving your life is a state of wellness.


Manage Life’s Demands Effectively10. Manage Life’s Demands Effectively

Having a strong sense of personal responsibility helps maintain and manage the ever-increasing pressure of your life’s demands. Learning effective tools support and guide you in making ‘best decisions’ that support your well-being. While everything in life isn’t always to your liking, being able to effectively manage how you feel and act gives you personal power.

BONUS…. You Find Your Passion!

Achieve Wellness in All Seven Aspects

Physical ▪ Emotional ▪ Social ▪ Intellectual ▪ Spiritual ▪ Environmental ▪ Occupational

You are unique and discovering what you would love to BE, DO, and HAVE in each of these seven areas is the key to empowerment. Creating wellness through Miracle Mastery Mentoring Program is a vehicle that gives you the ability to live life to the fullest and to maximize personal potential in a variety of ways. When you balance the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual, and environmental aspects of life, you achieve true wellness. Then, living your life is ‘a high-definition miracle making adventure’.

Discover Your Life Purpose

Find Your PassionThe very act of searching distracts you from your treasure. The purpose of being in a state of wellness is to find your purpose. When you are balanced, body-mind-spirit, you get to be YOU! BEING YOU is your purpose. Discovering what makes you joyful, passionate and alive happens when you are in wellness. When you are in-alignment with yourself, your path is clear and open. It’s that simple.

Simple as it sounds, the challenges come with integrating wellness into your life. That’s how Miracle Mentoring was born. This program supports you in achieving your goals in wellness. To get started on the journey of wellness, simply request an application today.



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