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looking-for-loveLove Is An Inside Job 

Looking Outside Yourself Leads To Disappointment

If you want love or to be loved by someone, you have to be 'love' first. Then you will attract it towards you. It is the core foundation to finding true and lasting love. Stop searching or chasing love, as it will only allude you. Love is not outside of you — It’s who you are.

Get It And Hold On To It  

Time and time again, we do the same things over and over, expecting different results only to be disappointed. Observing the energetic patterns for over a decade within all my clients, I clairvoyantly see why. It is because of ‘we are looking outside ourselves for it’.

You Are What You Seek

You are already everything you seek, You Are Love! So, stop looking for it! The more you chase it the more it alludes you.

You may have heard it before or you might be turning your head sideways thinking, “WHAT?” Especially since you are probably NOT feeling it right now. And, for the most part, that’s what you want right??? You want to feel loved and to know you are loved by someone special  have loving relationships.

It’s for this very reason, I was inspired to create a way that you could get to the bottom of this never ending problem.

What Are LOVE CODES?  

Love Codes is a term I coined that refers to that part of you that’s buried deep within your subconscious self. Your love codes are like a energetic software program that operates you.

Your Love Codes Affects Everything In Your Life

You are like a computer and were born with specific software energy pre-installed. Along the way you attracted some energetic viruses that affect how your ‘Love Codes’ operate. Maybe you are operating with an outmoded software version and are ready for an upgrade to fix some broken programming. Or for some unknown reason, your particular version may need to be unblocked or activated.

Why Does Love Allude You?

  •  Can you imagine having all the love you want?
  •  Has your current relationship has lost its sizzle?
  •  Are you hyper-critical of every love prospect that comes with ten feet of you?
  •  Is your rut so deep you lost all hope of finding love again?

Discover how to get the relationship and have a more loving life with Activate Your Love Codes. Whether you want to have a loving and adoring partner with more active sex life or to re-ignite passion in your current relationship this 90 day program will fire things up. And, it does not stop there. This program will renew your passion for living as you begin feeling more attractive and inspired.

Radiating Love Attracts Morelove-energy

The only secret is that to have something, you MUST be it. But, wait ~ The core of who you are is LOVE. You are energy. Your core essence is a frequency called ‘love’.

You might wonder why then does your current situation look like it does. Maybe you lost passion for living, your love life sucks and it’s like you are invisible to the world. (especially to the opposite sex) Really what happened was that somewhere along the way you slipped into an amnesia forgetting the truth of who you are.
 So, the good news is~~ you are it!

Your Love Is Camouflaged

If your core essence of love is camouflaged with foreign energy such as, drama, traumas, pain, disappointment fear, anger, beliefs and programs, it cannot be seen by others.  It’s in living life that you experience challenges to come back to the core of what and who you are.

It’s now time to remember who you are~LOVE…. And, to be it!

As you can more fully ‘be yourself’, you magnetically draw more of what you desire to you.It’s really quite simple. But, you have to change your frequency in order to naturally draw to you what you want.

Get Everything You Want  

Using energy tools, you can get everything you want. With this strategy, you target energy blocks stored and display in the frequency you emit and release them. Let’s say you’re broadcasting LIVE energetic programming that should be censored. Oppps… Without even knowing it you are unconsciously crawling back through all of your experiences and sharing them on a continual basis to the world around you.

energetic-markersDisrupting Energetic Markers  

You might not have had even one thought about your first love in twenty years, but there is an energetic marker of this experience in your energy field. Since you are essentially running on auto-pilot, it adds to your current experiences. You recreate similar experiences until you re-direct the energy into offsite storage. When you run energetic software scanning your space, defragging it, you basically re-boot your system back to the original state – LOVE. Then, without effort, you naturally attract loving people, situations and experiences into your life.

Use the Law of Attraction Positively

Your energy field is tightly compacted archive of everything you’ve ever experienced including all your juicy experiences. I bet that some of them aren’t exactly juicy are they? Juicy or not, they are magnetically drawing more of the same into your life. That is whyActivate Your LOVE Codes 12 week Online Training, is so powerful because it converts disruptive energies into something more of what you want. In no time, you will be attracting people, situations and experiences without even trying.

It’s really a magical place of being everything you already are and feeling it at a core level. Being insecure and feeling unattractive sucks. Being shut off from being loved is lonely and painful.

Change What is Missing 

Whatever you are missing in your life, change it. Whether you want to attract “one special sexy person” for a lifetime relationship or re-ignite old passions—then you can’t underestimate the importance of feeling attractive. With the energy tools you learn and integrate in Activate Love Codes, you can bypass low self-esteem, past disappointments and failures detoxify old stuck feelings and emotional baggage converting them into new loving experiences.

Re-Surface Your Love Essence

Your love essence is the core of your being. As you re-surface your energetic vibration, you feel more confident, self-assured and optimistic. People will then be asking, ‘what’s your secret?’. For the full scoop, get started with Activate Love Codes.

Send Love 

Here is some of what recent clients have to say:

‘I’m not afraid now of getting attention the opposite sex. After working with Amirah and the LOVE-Vibe exercises a couple of times, I ran into my old boyfriend. We hadn’t seen each other in two years and fell in love all over again. Thank you Amirah‘ ~ Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA.

‘Amirah re-tweaked my energy field, and gave me a whole new outlook on my life. I now receive compliments daily and before I was lucky if my husband even noticed me!’ ~ Sandy, Pittsburg, PA

‘I really love how I feel, sexy, alive and empowered. I’ve been practicing the energy tools for just two weeks, and I’ve had more dates this month than I have in years! It’s so much fun!’ ~ Linda, Phoenix, AZ.

When I first checked out Amirah’s workshop, I was rather skeptical. I sat through the whole event, thinking this isn’t going to do anything. Later, I went for a walk and I had several strangers stop and talk to me. That just never happens to me! I had someone tell me my hair looked so nice. Honestly, I was having a bad hair day until then! I know this sounds insignificant but for me it’s HUGE! I am fully expecting more surprises and I have to say my whole attitude is changing about how powerful these energetic tools really are.’ ~ Nancy W, Del Mar, CA

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