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The Most Important Relationship is With Yourself“The most important relationship you have in the world is the one you have with yourself; everything and everyone is a direct reflection of the quality of that relationship.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Imagine having the love you desire all year long.

With the reminder of wilted roses, another Valentine’s Day behind us. For me it’s just another reminder of how many people are plagued with not having the love they desire in their life. It’s seems as though many people are trying so hard to get more of what they already ARE.

Yes, that’s right….YOU ARE LOVE! Now that might come as a surprise to you, it did to me some years ago too.

Valentine’s Day surely means different things to different people. In many cultures, it’s a day to express romance to a significant other. In other cultures, it’s more a day to acknowledge friendships of all kinds.When I was growing up in Alberta, Canada, all the kids at school would bring in playful little cards for every student in class, along with candies, etc.

Here in the U.S., I think Valentine’s is about romance, friendship, and everything in-between! I’ve recently seen where some folks refer to “VDay” as “Singles Awareness Day.”(I imagine someone made this term up sort of in jest, which I find rather sad; if you’re single, this is a time to rejoice and celebrate YOU! And to express your love for and to ALL your loved ones!)

I’ve been single now for for more years than I was married. My personal journey has been one of finding my passion and a more than a few times along the way have mistaken that for finding Mr. Right to fill my needs. (Oh yes, I’ve fallen for that one But in the spring of 2005, while traveling in Egypt I had a vision and heightened awareness that something was shifting on the planet. Since then Valentines Day has been growing in my heart and awareness all year long.

What I understood was that there is a new vibration entering the earth plane. I could feel it’s incredibly fine vibration and it felt like fine silk and yet a burning passion grew inside of me. There was an urgency to let people know about this opportunity of connecting with this powerful, transformative energy.

Returning to the US, I realized that many people would not understand what I’m talking about, let alone care. I pondered how I could translate this information so that people might get it even if they didn’t consciously know what was happening.

Amirah Hall's "Love Up Your Life" book coverThen in 2006, I wrote the book “Love Up Your Life”. It started out as “Get Better Love And More of It”. teeehheee Even the vibe of the book has shifted some. So, my thinking at the time was that everyone wanted ‘more love in their life’.

And, that really hasn’t changed. My focus hasn’t really changed either. Because, I still have a burning desire to show you how you can connect with this incredible energy coming to the planet to have all the love you want and more. The law of attraction isn’t exclusive to having more money and stuff. In fact, I believe the biggest mistake is that many people are focusing on their thoughts only. When you shift your energetic vibrational pattern, you naturally invoke the Law of Attraction effortlessly and draw to you that which you are. LOVE.

So, Valentine’s Day is again a reminder for me (and hopefully now for you) to re-align myself to the TRUTH. Love is what we are and what we are here to express, experience and evoke. I just have to share that I’ve never felt more passionate about sharing this information and activating love codes in the world around me. I am blessed and grateful to have a wonderful clients and students whose lives have changed and made profound differences in my own life. I am reminded often that,

“The most important relationship you have in the world is the one you have with yourself; everything and everyone is a direct reflection of the quality of that relationship.”

This is so true.

Just this past week, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a friend I’ve known for years. She asked me a very poignant question about what exactly it was that I did to catapult my success and visibility in the past year.

She wanted to know the name of my PR Agency, or my secret formula???

I told my friend that I was using all the energy tools I teach my clients. I shared that, in fact, I hadn’t hired any publicity support and that all support and business comes to me via THE “ Law of Attraction,” if you will.

My commitment to pursue my passion and spiritual expansion is the reason for my increased success.

I chose to stop playing small, stop the self-doubt and fears. I made myself step further into my power and light. To own my gifts and be willing to share even more. I’ve amped up my ‘vibes’, stepped up and out!

I’ve always resonated deeply with Marianne Williamson’s words, but I finally chose to embody: “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” “…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

The magic formula is to “Connect to YOU“. I’ve never felt more on purpose during the past year of my career as a spiritual leader. As I connect deeper with my true self, I am more passionate about living and loving.

We are all, in some way shape or form, regardless of anyone’s belief systems, impacted by energy, spirit, consciousness, God… whatever you want to call it.

SO, my wish for you this year (and beyond) is love! Stop listening to those doubts and fears because those voices in your head (that quite often are not even your own!) hold you back.

And, instead, begin listening to that still small voice that knows who you ARE at the core. Listen to the part of you that absolutely knows without a shadow of a doubt why you came to this planet. And dare to go out and take big, bold action steps. You’ve come this far…take the next step into being all you are.

From my heart to yours, you are AMAZING!

Big hugs,


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