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power-of-laughterLaughing Is Bliss-Sparkling, Joy-Tingling

Laughter signals that you are happy, satisfied and relaxed.

It is a natural key to wellness because its e-motion creates a high-frequency energetic state soothing the soul, dispeling darkness, healing pain and releasing stress.

Being amused or laughing at a situation shifts negative emotions, stuck energy and static thoughts for positive life changes.

“The most wasted day is that in which you have not laughed.” Author Unknown

Laughter is a Powerful Tool

The Law of Attraction says, "Like Attracts Like."If you vibrate at a ‘low frequency’, you attract negative events and circumstances. When you vibrate at a ‘high frequency’ you attract love, abundance, joy and goodness in your life. When someone smiles, laughs, giggles, they immediately send out good vibrations. Amusement and laughter are the most powerful tools in your arsenal against negativity, because it’s impossible to emit a low frequency when you feel happy.

“Laughter is the Language of the Soul.” Source Unknown

Important Ingredient for Fulfillment

Most people live their lives caught up in being serious and neglect laughter! We’re taught that life is serious business and it must under control and managed. According to a study, children, on average, laugh up to 400 times a day whereas adults do it only 17 times a day. Seriousness is a heavy energy that feels like being cloaked in a fog or stuck in quicksand. With seriousness comes worry, fretting, effort, rigidity, and your mood or outlook becomes heavy, down or depressed.

Laughing is Infectious

Have you ever been in a situation where you walk into a room and everybody is laughing about something hysterically? You haven’t even heard what they were talking about and by observing them laugh, you start to laugh at them laughing? Laughter can truly be a contagious experience. Let’s just hope that they weren’t laughing about you!

Be Amused

Using humor and laughter in viewing and dealing with situations and yourself is a great stress reliever. Keeping things light, with amusement, allows you to see what’s stuck and shift to one of the highest vibrations in nature of joy. Can you recall a stressful situation in your life and someone told a joke? Everyone lightens up; the energy shifts. Everybody loves to be around someone who can make them laugh because it feels uplifting and positive. Maybe you’ve had a friend calls you up when you are feeling really depressed. She tells you a joke to cheer you up, you have to laugh cause it was funny then you don’t feel as depressed as before. In an instant, the laughter altered and changed the way you looked at certain things. That’s why you can heal yourself and handle most situations more effectively when you are amused.

Charlie Chaplin says, "A day without laughter, is a day wasted!"

laughter-is-cheap-medicineHumor Restores Hope

Laughter can ease the pain of a broken heart, lift depression, if just for a while, and relieves body tension. Your whole body will relax when you laugh and you will just feel good all over. If you are in a bad mood, laughter can enhance your mood considerably. It gives you more energy and an adrenaline rush throughout your mind and body.

Have you ever felt down in the dumps and looked for the funniest comedy in the video store to bring some joy back into your life? Stress can melt away with some hearty laughs helping to brighten dull days and restore hope for a better tomorrow.

If you can’t find humor in your situation, find it somewhere else. Watch a funny movie, read a joke book or watch your favorite comedian on YouTube. Looking at life’s heavy situations, ask yourself:

“Where can I find the irony in this?” or “How can I be amused as I move through and past this situation?“

Being able to laugh at yourself or the situation you are experiencing, is healing. “Only a true comedian has the ability to laugh at himself.” Source Unknown

Amusement is a Powerful Healing Vibration

Consider the experience of Norman Cousins, a famous American doctor who cured himself of cancer by watching “Three Stooges” movies eight hours a day for weeks. Intuitively, he knew that laughing was the perfect medicine for him.

jumping-with-joy“Laugh when you can, it’s a cheap medicine.” ~ Author Unknown

One of the reasons for this is that laughter stimulates your body, mind and emotions, releasing “feel good” chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. Have you ever seen a depressed person laughing? It’s rare. Maybe if they did laugh, they wouldn’t be depressed. Laughter also helps to flush out any variety of toxins that may be floating around in your body as it gets your lungs working and heart pumping, highly oxygenating your blood supply and increasing your blood flow.

Laughter ➩ Higher Vibration ➩ Energy Movement = CHANGE

Laughter is as natural as breathing if you just allow it to emerge from within you. You don’t even have to be in the presence of something or someone funny to en-JOY it. Just puta smile on your face any ol’ time you want, simulate laughter, then fake it till you make it! Go ahead! Try it! Stand in front of the mirror, make a funny face, force a little laugh out from deep inside, then just act silly. Sing, clap, dance around like you did when you were a kid, and set yourself free! Let it all hang out. It’s OK. By all means, laugh until your heart’s content!

“Laughter is the Language of the Soul.” ~ Source Unknown

Laughing Exercise

Smiling and laughing is the best exercise for your brain. It is the most effective way to supply oxygen to the brain. Once you start to smile and laugh, there is joy coming from your heart. You don’t need a specific reason to be joyful, for joy has been inside of us from the very beginning of our lives.

Your brain experiences a transformation simply by laughing one time. If you laugh intensely, you will be using nerves in the brain, as well as facial muscles, that you do not ordinarily use. It is better to laugh for 5 minutes than to exercise for five hours.

Improve Your Life With Laughing

Laughter is a powerful way of improving your life; its cheap and available. Laugh with all your heart, you will begin to see your face and skeleton change. The Law of Laughter says if you laugh with all your heart, your health improves and your life changes.

“A person who laughs has a sparkle in his eyes and communicates his joy of life.” ~ Author Unknown  So, get going! Run through life ….. Laughing Out Loud!    ♥♪♫•*¨•.¸♥¸.•**•♫♪♪♥

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