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red-roseAbracadabra! YOU ARE HEALED

ABRACADABRA was a term used in ancient times by physicians who believed it diminished disease. The original word, avada kedavra is an ancient Aramaic incantation that means ‘let the thing be destroyed’ to cure illness. For centuries, man has used symbols in many forms, shapes and sizes as an integral part of everyday life. They can be as seen as holy, unholy or neutral depending on their intent and cross boundaries of culture, religion and time.

The Healing Power of The Rose  

Around the world, the rose for example, represents love and passion. Roses symbolize wealth, beauty, luxury and indulgence. During secret meetings in ancient times, Romans would hang roses over the table where it was known that anything discussed at that table would be kept secret. More than that, it is an important Christian symbol of devotion to God or being one with God.

Abracadabra1-256x300The natural healing power of roses have been long documented, measured and appreciated in many ways throughout time.

High Frequency Energy

Prominent scientists have compiled long lists of medicinal uses of the rose including its affect on increasing the frequency within the body. The frequency of a healthy body ranges anywhere from 62 to 78Hz (units of frequency) with a frequency lower than 50Hz increasing your risk for cancer. The frequency of rose essential oil is 320Hz and is the highest frequency of all known plants.

“Living is not enough, … one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” ~~ Hans Christian Anderson

Beyond what you see in physical form, the world consists of constantly moving micro-particles – energy. Everything is interconnected as energy waves interfere with each other and constantly change. The frequency or energy level of your body can be changed by your thoughts, behaviors and the way you treat yourself.

Everything you absorb, things, situations, emotions or thoughts influence your vibration level. reclaim-power

Studies now prove that DNA constantly modifies by energy vibrations. Connecting to “good energies” from what you eat, breathe, and absorb, affects your energy vibration. The higher your frequency level, the healthier your body becomes. The happier, more successful and alive you become.

Imaginery Healing Roses 

Since roses vibrate at such a high frequency they make a valuable energetic tool or symbol to use adjust your body frequency. Since everything is energy, it can be changed or moved by simply imagining a rose, or any other symbol, moving throughout the body and aura collecting unwanted energy from your space. Allow the rose to collect anything ‘conscious or unconscious’ that you are ready to release. When you get a sense the rose is full, let it dissolve. And, poof like magic, you shift your energy, healing yourself.

“Nobody ever died from an exploding flower! You simply pick up the petals and make potpourri.” Author Unknown

Just like drinking from the same coffee cup or sitting in your favorite chair, using the same symbol for clearing over time builds trust and familiarity with it. But that’s not to say you can’t create a collection of energy tools that will do the same job. Imagine using a super-absorbing sponge, or an energy broom or high-powered vacuum cleaner as your super-clearing magic wand.

Think of the last time you watched the evening news and what you heard caused your stomach to tighten, your pulse to increase and made your mind race with “what if’s”. Oh no, not that! This is the perfect time to use this technique to release the energy that is causing the dis-ease. Whether you have uncomfortable physical sensations or unwanted thoughts and ideas, you can quickly and easily release toxic energy using these tools and feel more comfortable is all situations!

Energy clearing tools allow you to purge hurtful emotions, fear, or heavy heart blackness that you might be carrying around deep inside you. Using this tool removes unwanted beliefs, emotions or thoughts and physical pain. It’s way to let go of energies that drains, burdens and limits you.

rose-healing-techniqueRose Energy Clearing and Healing Technique

  1. Close your eyes and imagine in your mind a rose suspended out in front of you.
  2. Imagine it’s magnetic and let it magically collect up ALL unwanted beliefs, emotions, thoughts or pain stored in your body and energetic field.
  3. Allow yourself to simply observe the rose as it moves collecting up foreign energies.
  4. Without resistance, or effort – just let go.
  5. Notice your breathing.
  6. Notice how your body feels as you release energy blocks.
  7. With your thoughts, imagine the rose filling up and let your rose tool do the work for you.
  8. When you get the sense that the rose is completely filled, allow it to dissolve or explode.
  9. Practice this daily, in or out of meditation. Any time. Any place. 
  10. The more you ‘clear’ yourself the happier and better you feel.

Visualization Tips 

    1. These are imaginary roses, not real ones. Don’t stop yourself from dissolving or exploding a rose because they are beautiful and you don’t want to see it destroyed.
    2. Give yourself a creative license to explore using other symbols for this practice. Ie. A bubble, widget, desktop icon, trash can, pac man, fairy god-mother, aerosol spray, mop, etc.
    3. When your symbol fills up, release it and create another one. There is not limit as to how many symbols you can use to clear your space. At certain times it may take one and other time is might take dozens. Make no judgment, but give gratitude for the amount you are able to release.

Clearing your energy allows you more freedom to have what you desire. Have fun, be creative and be amused with what shows up in your inner world of clearing and healing.


    1. Practice! Clear yourself as often as you can remember.
    2. Play! Allow your imagination to create perfect mental pictures for your use.
    3. Be Amused! Allow yourself to have fun.

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