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lawofattractionEverything is Energy

Your Energy Field Attracts Your Experiences

Why do some people seem to attract what they want so easily and others have such a difficulty?” Part of the answer to that is that it’s not in how or what you are ‘doing’ but, rather in how you are ‘being’. The other part of the answer lies in the fact that ‘everything is energy’.

How Are You BE-ing?

How you are ‘being’ creates an energy field surrounding you and it creates for you! Your energy field is on automatic pilot working with the Law of Attraction to bring to you everything you desire. If your energy field is stuffed full with all your accomplishments, disappointments, regrets, fears, experiences and memories, you are limited to what you can attract to you.

So much for saying goodbye to the old or trying to forget they even happened. Starting now, it is a good time for setting new goals and intentions to create a new and better experiences for the future. Whether you know it or not, unconsciously, you have already written future experiences based on your current energetic pattern.

Changing Your Energy, Changes Everything!

Many people are experiencing challenging times and hope for a better future. But, if you truly do want to have things different than before, you have to change how you think, feel and express yourself.

Create More Success

On the flip-side, if you experience a natural positive flow of success in your life, you can create more of the same.

We’re in an odd place vibrationally on the planet. New energies are entering the planet causing the shifts quicker and bolder. Changes are occurring fast. With new and heightened energies upon us, many experience extreme emotions. So, it’s truly a time to get centered and stay focused.

Thoughts Create

That means all your conscious and unconscious thoughts and the emotions associated with those thoughts are the catalyst and accelerator for the out-picturing of your results. More importantly though, is that it’s your feelings that related to those thoughts that invoke the Law of Attraction.

Let Go of Negative Past Experiences

The best approach is to let go of thoughts and emotions concerning your negative past experiences. Remembering past experiences, activates the energy or the feeling associated with that memory. In turn, you re-create more of the same experience. New energies entering the planet are accelerating the creative process so it’s vital you clear old emotional wounds. Otherwise, you’ll create more of what you don’t want. And, that’s just plain yuckie!

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

New energies are bombarding us. We are creating at a rapid rate. Have you noticed lately that you might think of someone or something and it shows up? It’s even more important NOW to be careful to what you think and feel. Conscious and unconscious negative thoughts and feelings create and all the affirmations in the world won’t override their creative power.

let-go-of-pastIt is imperative to let go of thoughts and emotions on experiences, situations, people and places from the past.

Remove Outmoded Programming

Imagine you are a computer for a minute. Consider that all your thoughts and feelings are stored on your life’s hard-drive. You might be running some old programs that are no longer needed. Or maybe your archived file folder is bursting with past experiences or feelings that just slow down your computer.

Clearing these from your energetic hard-drive creates space for new files or things you want to import into your life. As you create space your computer runs faster, smoother and functions at a higher capacity. I think you’ll agree that a faster computer makes whatever you are using it for so much more enjoyable. Listen to Essential Energy Tools and begin clearing energy blocks in your energy field.

We are blessed to be magically creating in this abundant Universe. Enjoy a joyful full expression of your natural abilities.

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