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like-attracts-like2You Can Have Everything That You ARE

Not Everything You WANT

It's not fun when you are not happy! Yet, everything you are experiencing is what you are. At some level, conscious or unconscious, your attention is focusing on it. Otherwise, it would not be a reality for you. You can never have the success you want if you are a slave to the outside world. 

Lack Produces More Lack

Trying harder won't make it so. No matter how much you want something or try to make it happen, it will never happen unless you have an inner alignment with it. As long as you look outside yourself for something to make you happy, no matter how much you want success, you will not achieve it. When you are a slave to the outer world, you will not experience ‘magical’ result.

Wearing Life Outside In

People often say, “When I have more money, get the perfect job, meet the perfect mate or get this education, I will be happy”. This is like wearing life-outside-in. As long as you are needy and shy away from your personal responsibility with what you create, your cravings will soon re-appear and you will never be fulfilled.

You are responsible for what you are creating by the energy you radiate.


Wear Life Inside Out

If what is happening in your life is NOT what you want to create more of, bring your inner self into alignment with your desires. That is, wear life inside-out. I welcome you to get started now with the Manifesting With Divine Love and Light Guided Meditation.

Globally speaking, we are in the process of this GREAT ENERGETIC SHIFT, as new frequencies are entering the planet, earth is changing and so are you. You are being forced into change whether you like it or not. Problems arise however, when you want to hold on to the old ways and resist changes. Do you get the sense you are being nudged towards following your heart on matters? Or, is the pain getting too great as you keep doing the same old things expecting different results?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.”- G. B. Shaw

Shifting Awareness of Yourself

You are shifting into a new awareness of yourself as a multi-dimensional being in this 3rd dimensional world. You are birthing a whole new expression of yourself that you have never experienced before. You are discovering that you are a creator. In this process of re-membering and re-assembling within this cosmic and earth transformation that is occurring, you are refreshing the soul memory of who you really are.

You Are Multi-Dimensional

Simply speaking, as a multidimensional being, you are energy first, then physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Every random thought and feeling arises from your energetic Self. Your multi-dimensional self exists simultaneously in past, present and future and grows in awareness and intelligence just like your mind and emotions. You become aware of simultaneously being one with everything AND a separate, unique facet of the Divine Source.

Being Self-Aware 

Awakening or ‘Re-membering’ occurs when the energetic Self becomes self-aware and self-determining, instead of running on automatic pilot. As your physical body awakens and aligns with the awakened energetic Self, you create an enlightened emotional body and experience states of bliss, joy and constant love. You create your desires effortlessly and experience a state of freedom from the normal illusions about the nature of reality. When your spiritual body becomes awakened and aligns with the awakened energetic self, you access spiritual free choice, the highest state of achievement for the soul on planet Earth.

Once upon a time the ancients described this as a ‘mystery’ or ‘mastery’ and could not be obtained while in human form. With the energetic shifts occurring at this time, 2012 and beyond, you have the opportunity of claiming a higher version of yourself. Rather than wanting more, BE MORE.

When you stop chasing the world, the world starts chasing you.

Honor Your Heart

The inner knowing is that which guides you now; the way of honoring your heart is being reborn within you. Become familiar yourself with ways to stay tuned to yourself and the New Earth frequency as you cultivate the light that you are. You have an amazing journey in front of you. Re-imagine everything.

You'll find this meditation at Amirah Hall's Online Store: Manifesting with Divine Love Light

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