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blessings_in_disguiseChallenges Are Blessings In Disguise  

Rapid Changes Will Continue in Multi-Dimensions on Multiple Levels  

Stresses and Strains With Serious Intensity are Building! Jobs, finances, work, relationships are all in the blender at once. Things are being stirred up BIG TIME! Fears, doubts, anxiety, conflict, confusion, obstacles and resistance are all around us.

Changes Happening Everywhere

Changes are happening in personal, professional, local and global. They are occurring on multi-levels, multi-dimensional and there will be continuous changes for the foreseeable future. With so many rapid-fire shifts and changes we are being TESTED to the max!

changes_happening_everywhereLight at the End of Tunnel

Although, I’ve been talking about this for some time now, my intention is to always help you find solutions in these challenging times and help you avoid fearful outcomes. If ever there was a time, it’s NOW to enhance your stress management or life management skills as we proceed into demanding future.

Intense Energies

With intense energies bombarding us, we are being required to find far-reaching answers with highly tuned intuition and inspired vision. Yes, this is a high standard to meet especially since the challenge is to make the right choices.  

Start With The Basics

To survive in physical reality, you are required to -- breathe, drink, eat, digest, sleep, be healthy and dream. To enjoy surviving you are required to – see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think, feel, act, move, communicate, create and LOVE.

Although this may sound obvious to you, you already HAVE these things without having to DO anything to HAVE them. The ‘enjoying’ part of surviving is where most people suffer when in your natural, resistant-free state you already have everything without effort.

hopeBlessings in Disguise

In releasing your resistance to challenges is key. Rather than fighting, arguing, feuding, defending, blaming, cursing or blowing your gasket maybe you could see the challenges are blessings in disguise! If you look at them like beneficial tools with hidden uses and resources and see your challenges as a magnificent opportunity waiting to present itself to you.

Control is a Fear Based Concept

A common misconception of most people is that they have to take care of and do everything, control everything and micro-manage everything. This is a fear-based concept—that life will go out of control and they can’t trust anything to happen by itself.

But with things feeling so helter-skelter right now, it is FEAR itself and the need to control that we must let go of. With this in mind, the challenge becomes in releasing the fears, hidden idea, beliefs or blocks that create the resistance and stress.

Energy Tools For Survival

Hard to give up but you must! In support of challenges you face, I STRONGLY recommend you JOIN the FREE MEMBERS AREA and access the Essential Energy Tool Kit. Get started using and practicing with the energy tools if you haven’t already (and keep using them). Not a day goes by that I don’t use my energy tools, and I shudder to think where I would be without them.

inner-awakeningDevelop Your Intuition

Finding your right answers is the big test right now and in the future. If you continue as you have been going along, you may encounter less than pleasant consequences. Intuition, your inner voice, is your natural GMS system that guides, protects and directs you along your path. With the growing noise of stress and ongoing changes, it can be increasingly challenging to connect, trust and develop your intuition for higher receptivity but even more relevant and required than ever before

The energy tools support you in letting go of your fears and need to control allow for synchronicity and magical outcomes. In releasing resistances, you will naturally open to your innate intuition and get stronger insights for right choices.

Faith, Confidence, Hope

Have faith, maintain confidence, hold hope to make it through obstacle courses of difficulties and stress. Keep your eye on the light and if you are ready for your next step, I welcome you to consider The Miracle Mastery Mentoring Program. As humanity, we are preparing to step into a whole new era and that requires each of us to realign with our original essence, purpose and passion. Get ready for the ride of your life

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