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awakening_consciousness Awakening Consciousness

2012 And Beyond

Recently, I was nudged to re-watch the movie Phenomenon (1996). What a surprise it was to see an uncanny resemblance to the movie plot with the symptoms of The Shift or what is believed the awakening consciousness within humans. Many people are already describing more mystical experiences, demonstrating extra-sensory abilities, increasing intuition and healing abilities and more.

The Shift

The planetary shift of energy is ‘waking-up’; there is a shift of consciousness that is unfolding. Significant changes are occurring within and around us that are directly related to the electromagnetic shifts. Although this has many positive aspects to it, it can be rather unsettling because it is not clear where this is all heading. Make no mistake however, this is a phase of clearing away ALL the personal baggage accumulated. You cannot take your baggage with you on this journey. As the planet is in a state of flux, collectively we are moving into a new phase of awakening the human spirit and accessing latent spiritual abilities.

phenomenon-the_movie_1996Watch the Full Movie -- Phenomenon (1996)

In the movie, George Malley (John Travolta) is a friendly auto mechanic whose 'everyman' life is transformed by a strange flash of light he observes on the evening of his 37th birthday.

George predicts an earthquake over the course of the following days, starts to experience an extraordinary form of genius-level intelligence, easily absorbing vast amounts of information, formulating new, revolutionary ideas, and even exhibiting telekinetic abilities.

George Explains Telekenisis

“I ask the pencil to move. I establish a collaboration or a partnership with a pencil. We are all made of the same stuff -- energy! There's a dance between me and things. The energy coming from me and the energy of the pencil come together. It just takes focus and clarity of thought. We can all do it!”

New Intelligence

George tries to use his new intelligence for the good of his community and although some folks are intrigued and amused by George's new abilities, many people begin to fear him. Matters get complicated when the federal government begins to take an interest in his newfound genius. George is enthusiastic about publicizing his revolutionary findings to the community in hope of making people's lives better but townsfolk are really interested in seeing him display his telekinesis.

It’s discovered that George has a tumor that is causing the dizziness and illusion of light rather than a mystical or extraterrestrial source, but this is never definitively concluded, leaving the viewer to speculate. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t automatically assume you must get a doctor’s evaluation. Personally, I know many people whose doctors have been unable to find any medical reason for many symptoms and changes that are occurring.

awakening intelligenceShifting Ways of Being

Here are some possible Shift Symptoms that could be experienced as part of your awakening consciousness:

  • Knowing things before they happen such as earthquakes etc.
  • Discovering healing abilities increased psychic or intuitive abilities
  • Solving problems creatively for others experience telekinesis, remote viewing, premonitions
  • Receiving messages in dreams
  • Breaking electrical appliances with or without touching them
  • Making extra-terrestrial or interplanetary contact
  • Mastering languages or other skills
  • Easily lose interest in your current hobbies, relationships, job or career
  • Discovering people resisting, judging and disbelieving what you see or say
  • Finding lost things by just knowing where they are

Not Genius, Not Brain-Tumor

You are Awakening! Humanity is experiencing a massive shift of consciousness. It's time to pay attention!

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