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new_rules_for_manifesting_2012Shifting to Different Reality

Changing How You Manifest

Changing how you 'manifest what you desire' is undergoing a massive shift. Not everyone is ready, prepared, nor will they understand this process, making it rather uncomfortable. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! It can be fun as you learn and apply simple tools, managing your energy and make the shift into a new frequency a joyful adventure.

Understanding The Different Dimensions

Our planet is shifting from a 3rd Dimensional experience to a 4th dimension of consciousness and experience and then will eventually shift into the 5th dimensional experience. Understanding some of the new rules for living is helpful for moving through The Shift without fear, effort, anxiety or pain. Making the Energy Tools a daily habit will support you adjusting to the new ways of being. Login to FREE Members Only for Access.

woman-at-sundown3rd Dimensional Reality

The 3rd dimension refers to the way you think, feel or behave in your life or reality. It is a frequency band or a level of reference to reality and includes the physical everyday environment including limiting beliefs, feelings and rules that structure your entire life.

In 3D consciousness we function by reacting from unconscious beliefs and training to situations that pop into our energetic space. We do not consciously chose our thoughts, feeling or actions in every moment but rather live at the effect of everyone and everything around us. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?

In the 3rd Dimension experience, we live with the idea ‘duality’. Duality is a concept with rigid structure that fiercely protects thoughts, feelings and actions. Duality refers to opposites such as up/down, left/right, good/bad, should/should not. We unconsciously judge everything, fearing much of it as we process most of our 3D experiences through the dominant left brain. You might think of it as if you are locked inside the castle tower without access to the entire castle and the outside world.

Accessing other parts of the brain enable you to function in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions and beyond. You are already wired with the right equipment necessary to access other dimensions but your conditioned thinking, feeling and acting from many lifetimes, block your access. Parts of you that already knows what to do as increasing energetic frequencies open your access to new information and possibilities. Practicing with the Energy Tools on a daily basis will support you in letting go of the unconscious programming that is not the ‘truth’ as rigid rules fall away.



How the 3rd Dimension Process of Manifestation 

Up until now, the process of manifestation in the 3rd Dimension is:

1) Intend for something to occur in a certain way from the soul/spirit level.
2) Having a thought for the desire to create it.
3) Feeling the need to manifest it and having a desire to bring it into form.
4) Taking action to produce it.   
5) Manifesting into form.

The 4th dimension is also physical dimension with a more fluid sense to it and includes ‘unconditional love or peace’. In the 4D, you consciously choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions in every moment.


How the 4th Dimension Process of Manifestation  

In the 4th dimension, physical effort is no longer is required for manifestation. Assuming that is that your energetic frequency is clear and aligned with spiritual intention, simply feeling and expecting something will manifest it. The actual physical effort spent is no longer what is important. This is what The Secret teaches, except many people give up before really ‘feeling or seeing’ it!

Many people have already entered the frequency of 4th dimension living. Many people are noticing that manifesting things no longer take a lot of time and effort. Just feeling and expecting something will determine its outcome.

Thinking and Feeling Creates!

If you have fear, you quickly receive something you fear. If you are excited, you quickly receive something that excites you. With linear time is dissolving the world is shaped by feelings and expectations and less by physical effort.

This is why emotional issues are surfacing to be healed and released. People who previously appeared to be living secure and stable lives are being forced to deal with issues they never dealt with in the past. Inside the 4th Dimension, your practice becomes observing and practicing wisdom and grace.

What You Focus on Creates!

Whatever issues your energy feeds you will manifest. As the planetary frequencies continue to re-adjust, shifting consciousness into the 5th dimension, mastering every thought, feeling, word and action of every moment becomes paramount.


How the 5th Dimension Reality Works 

The 5th Dimension is the place often referred to as ‘ascension’. Inside the 5th Dimension, just think it and you get it! As humans, we are progressing in becoming ‘complete’ people or New Humans where the spiritual and physical worlds work in agreement with each other. In this New Human state, our bodies are no longer governed by lower tones of consciousness and can reach higher and broader, higher levels of consciousness.  Here many wonderful innate spiritual abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and many others come alive.

Think it and you get it!

Shifting into the 5th Dimension seems to be a gradual increase in 2012 and not as a sudden event. Each person has freedom of choice on how and if they are participating in this planetary game changer. It is as if we are sitting inside a soup pot and someone is gradually turning the heat up. As the acceleration continues, those people who resist will find life unbearable. People who desperately hold onto their old ways will go insane trying to keep up with the changing environment. Their hidden fears will manifest and their conditions will worsen.

There is no escape from processing your own fears, hidden beliefs and emotions. Moving ahead with your own personal development and reclaiming your own power is the only way to survive these shifts.

Deal With What Comes Up

How you can you stay ahead of the game?

Clearing your energy on a regular basis is of utmost importance.  Book A Session

Make time for meditation and find silence inside the chaos around you. Use Your Energy Tools or Guided Meditation.

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