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non-resistanceThe Power of Neutrality

Resistance Restricts Your Energy Flow

Our energy systems are in a constant state of fluctuation and change in response to outside influences and factors. Resisting energy directed towards you restricts your energy flow. Considering that you attracted whatever you resist to learn a lesson from, what you resist is 'your teacher'. It is showing you that at some level you need desire healing or clearing. A simple way to shift your energy out of resistance is through neutrality or non-resistance that comes from getting clear and allowing energy to flow naturally.  


When you are neutral -- you have no judgment on any level--not good vs bad, right vs wrong or positive vs negative.


Imagine paddling a kayak on a swift moving river. You are alert, focused and in tune with body inside your kayak and grip on your paddle as you skillfully weave around rocks and through rapids. The ride is exhilarating.

Now imagine if were rigid? What if you tried maintaining an oar stroke like rowing a boat? You must adapt to the river—it is not going to change for you. That rock is not going to jump out of the way. The rapids are not going to still for you to float down a lazy river.

Multidimensional Energy Flow

Consider that energy flowing is more multidimensional than the example of a river flow. You move through energy with your entire body. Imagine currents of emotion emitting from individuals or groups inside pools of energy in the collective or cosmic consciousness. Rigidity or resistance gets you stuck in an eddy where you can spend entire lifetimes going round and round and round on one issue.

Holding Your Own Space

Holding your own energetic space is often easier to do with strangers than it is with family members or people you know well. The biggest task and daunting spiritual practice, however, is to stay neutral with those people closest to you because these are the souls with who you have the most life lessons.

cultivate_neutralityStaying Neutral For Learning Lessons

Finding that place of neutrality or being aware of what is going on, releases the energetic charge to what is happening. That is, if you are judging someone, your own issues are being triggered.

Have you ever wanted to strike back at someone for criticizing something you are doing? Bingo!!! That’s the place that needs healing attention. When you take personal issue with a comment or action there is a core issue that is being triggered within you. Begin releasing energy that prevents you from being ‘neutral’.

Cultivate More Neutrality

A simple way to cultivate more neutrality is imagining your body is clear like glass with sunlight streaming through a window. Whatever energy is not your own will simply keep flowing through and right out of your space.  

Imagine you are a ‘Body of Glass’-- it is simple but not easy. Imagine relaxing and separating your molecules, so the negative energy flows through.  You can imagine yourself inside Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak or visualize wind through a screen door.

Opposition Isn’t Beneficial

Have you ever spent time trying to change how someone thinks? If you give your energy in opposition, you can get stuck in a dance with them that benefits neither of you.

Adopting the ‘body of glass’ technique assists you in being neutral in any situation. This concept allows you to imagine energy flowing though yourself, rather than absorbing energy from another person or situation. With this mindset, you are not giving your energy in opposition.

The body of glass lets other people’s problems, decisions, pain, struggles, fears, beliefs etc to move through rather than getting stuck. It allows invalidation, criticism or judgment from others flow through right through you.   

WARNING: DO NOT BE FOOLED …It’s simple and effortless but Not Easy!

Imagine your entire body is a ‘Body of Glass’. Notice how it feels as you imagine your body is glass. You might feel a sense of being lighter, impenetrable and clear. Simply allow ‘everything’ to pass through you. It’s a mindset!

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