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5th_dimensionMulti-Dimensional Energetic Shift

Processing the Effect of The Collective Shift

Our world is feeling rather ‘unstable’ because there is a ‘multi-dimensional energetic shift’ occurring. This energetic shift is occurring in your awareness or consciousness that aspect of yourself that is unseen and on soul level. YOUR process is NOW part of the collective process and you are the effect of it. This means that some of what you are feeling is beyond your ‘personal karma’ and beyond your individual creation.

5th Dimension Creating

With most of us not knowing what 5 dimensions looks like, (see New Manifesting Rules)
what you might be experiencing are feelings of 'oneness or love' and at the same time feeling panics or anxiety 'fear or anger'. Explosions of anger and frustration are rampant.

Shifting into this new energetic space is as much of the collection energy as well as your own personal shift. Individually, you may have learned that you ‘create your reality’. You create everything in your life including everything that happens to you in the future.

Becoming Aware You Are Not Creating Alone

YOUR process is NOW part of the collective process and you are the effect of it. This means that some of what you are feeling is beyond your ‘personal karma’ and beyond your individual creation.

As my awareness and my soul level heart, recognizing that we are much more than a physical body, and theres a sense of being interconnected…we have also been creating the collective. So we are also clearing and healing the collective energy.

You Are a Healer

This is not anymore reserved for select healers, energy workers or lightworkers, who have been quietly doing their prayers, soul work & healing. This is energetic shift of awareness goes well beyond what we can see or maybe even understand at this point.

dancing_matrixA Dance of the Matrix

You are healing in multiple dimensions. It’s complex. It is like being inside a dancing kaleidoscope, trying figure out what square or pattern you are in, when it is continually shifting and changing shape. It is becoming a dance of the matrix.

It becomes less effort when you can allow and embrace it, rather than struggling, fighting and blaming yourself and saying…

”where is this, why is this?

I can’t wait anymore cause this is too painful

I want to hurry up and clear my karma.”

One Collective Being in Process

It is not only your process that you are feeling the effect of.  WE are ONE collective being, processing for ourselves collectively. We are clearing for the planet.

Lightworkers are working for everyone on the planet. In the past healers, lightworkers have been plugging along doing the work, but everyone is a healer – healing their own life. There is not a select group of healers. As a fellow lightworker, we been the forerunners or those walking the path longer. Everyone is healing his/her life and you are collectively healing each other.

As we individually take personal responsibility, there’s a ripple response.

Increase Amusement

There have been easy moments in this shifting awareness, where it feels like time is standing still. Then there are times where it feels like we are ripping through space and time and light. Then everything get jumbled up where things are so confusing its hard to tell if we are moving or standing in one place.

It is much like a circus comedy act and it is ever more important to have a high level of amusement. This will support you in maintaining balance in the dancing matrix high wire circus act of shifting energy into 5th Dimension Awareness.

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