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receiving gaugeHave What You Want

Having Gauge – Energy Tool For Manifesting Effortlessly

Energetically creating space to ‘have’ what you want is critical to whether your desires will manifest. If you have not cleared the energy blocks that are preventing you from having what you want, it will not manifest. It is that simple. Being open to ‘have and receive’ your desires demonstrates your wholeness and alignment with The Source. Deliberately using energy tools to affect how the Law of Attraction works in your life raises your level of ‘having and receiving’ in your life. Get FREE ACCESS to Mockup Energy Tool.

Having Gauge

1. Imagine in your mind a gauge. For example… digital gauge, thermometer, or a digital reading on your computer, or it might be like a car speedometer.

2. Let this Having Gauge represent your energetic ability to ‘have’ anything you need or desire.

3. What % is your Having Gauge showing for your capacity to receive in this moment?

4. Just notice and be neutral with whatever shows up. Anything less than 100% means there’s some energy blocking your flow of receiving.

5. Create a grounding cord on your gauge, to the center of the planet.

6. Allow any foreign energy on your Having Gauge to drain down the grounding cord.

7. Move the gauge to 100% releasing any unconscious energy that is blocking the natural flow of ‘receiving’.

8. Let yourself HAVE 100 % of everything you desire right now.

9. Dissolve the gauge.

10. Reset your Having Gauge on a daily basis for an effortless, ongoing abundant flow of your desires.

The Having Gauge and Receiving Gauges are the flip-sides of the same coin. You cannot receive something if you do not have energetic space to have it.

Please share your manifesting stories below. Miracles Happen!

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