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get_what_you_want_nowMockup Tool Creating What You Want

Redirect Energy And Create Miracles

Your creative ability is a natural process that is continually manifesting–both things you want and do not want. Wishes are thoughts or energy in motion that enables them to manifest in form. If you ever wished you could create anything you want or wiggle your nose and have a pile of money magically appear, practice the Mockup Energy Tool to redirect energy and create ‘miracles’.

The Mockup Tool gives you control over manifesting your goals faster and efficiently. Clearing foreign energy, thoughts or feelings such as: there is never enough, self-doubt, unworthiness, fear or other blocks opens to manifesting in the material world.

Thoughts and Feelings are Energy

Your mind is composed of energy in a certain structural pattern and is not limited in time or space. Your consciousness, thoughts or beliefs are the only limitations to the outcome of what you want to have. If you do not have what you want it is because a certain pattern of energy is creating your particular experience.

Most people fail in having what they want because they lack the understanding of how the physical laws of creation work. Do you have fear, insecurity, anxiety, family programming or mental blocks that stop you from creating?  Do you think you are NOT worthy of having what you want?
Learning how to harness that energy, and properly direct it into something solid is the process of creation. Everything starts with a thought. Your home was first a thought in the architect’s mind. Your car started out in the mind of a designer or engineer. Everything that exists in the present moment was first a thought.

Creating Unconsciously

While growing up, parents, family, and friends bombard you with their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and patterns. Likely, you absorbed some, if not most, of this programming. You stored unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs. As time passes, storing this energy diminishes your own power to create. Are you unknowingly creating situations that you don’t want? Do you wonder why you cannot attract what you want?

When you visualize an object or symbol in your imagination, you are actually creating the object or symbol on an energetic level. This object or symbol has properties that can have an effect on the physical plane. 

What is a Mockup?conscious_creation1

In manufacturing and design, a mockup is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstrations, evaluating a design, or promotion. It is a prototype, preliminary version or a sample.
For our purposes, a mockup is a visualization tool of a goal, dream or desire you have. Creating a mock-up on an energetic level gives you an opportunity to clear any energy that may prevent it from manifesting. You may be exceptional at creating what you want at times and other times your goal may elude you. So, this is when you can apply this tool.

You can use this miracle-making tool for anything you desire: relationships, job, health, finances, etc. At times you might not know what you want and your mock-up could be to create: clarity, enthusiasm, passion, acceptance, neutrality or gratitude, etc. If you have been depressed or stuck, create a mockup for clarity or freedom.

What you create is what you get—BE SPECIFIC in your mock-up!

When considering what it is that you want be sure to answer the questions: who, what, where, when and include those aspects inside the visualization of what you want. The more clarity you have about what it is that you want, the more powerful the creation will be. If you don’t care about some of the aspects of your mock-up—then choose!
Remember: The more specific you are—the more clear your message is to the Universe!

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GET FREE Audio Guide Creating Mockups

Keep a Miracle Journal

Create mockups for your relationship, career or professional life, health, wealth and any goals you choose. Record your mock-ups in your miracle journal for future reference and acknowledgment of your powerful creative force in action.

You can have whatever you desire and more! Please share your mockup manifesting miracles! {jcomments on}

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