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breaking_cycle_of_lackYour Energy Patterns Hold You Hostage

Energy Tools To Break Cycles of Lack

Inside every challenge there is an opportunity. Have you ever been stuck inside an airplane waiting for air traffic to clear before your plane could finally land? Or maybe you were lost driving to a location you have never been to before? You may have made many extra turns, doubled back and forth then finally arrived, frustrated but relieved. Releasing outmoded thoughts and feelings can feel much like that.

Being Stuck in a Holding Pattern

Many people are experiencing major life changes or feel stuck in a holding pattern. This is the time to let go of all feelings of lack in your life ~ lack of confidence, belief, trust or worthiness.
Your experiences are reflecting where you feel lack in your life. It may not be obvious however at unconscious levels within you have energy patterns creating your experiences.

Are you feeling that the circumstances in your life are beyond your control? Maybe you find yourself second-guessing everything you do and ignoring that ‘little voice inside’ that is offers wise counsel. Are you ready to release fear of not being in control and cultivate trust of yourself and God or The Universe?

Societal Beliefs of Lack

Every person has experienced feelings of lack in some part of their life. Feelings of lack originate from age-old societal conditioning of ‘there will never be enough’. Within this belief system is a perception of worth—there are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. This lie pervades your life until you awaken to the truth that the Universe provides plenty, as long as you believe it.

past_life_patterns_of_belief{jcomments on}Past Life Patterns of Beliefs

Another source of this belief stems from your own past life patterning, creating challenges for you today. When these energy patterns bleed into this life experience, they confuse you and keep you off your destiny path. It may appear that these beliefs are pertinent to this life but in reality they may not be. Understanding and releasing specific past life patterns creates space for you to align yourself with present time life desires and experiences.

Where are you struggling to create more in your life?

Begin to release feelings and thoughts of lack and replace them with gratitude. Rather than focusing on what you do not have, reflect on what you are grateful for in that moment.

Exploding Patterns of Belief – Energy Tool

A powerful way to eliminate thoughts of lack is to imagine them exploding inside a stick of dynamite, inside a bubble or any other symbol and explode it. Repeat as often as necessary with no strings attached. Every time you explode the thought, you release more of the limiting pattern that has held you hostage to lack.

When you fear you will be unable to attract something in to your life, you are fighting this energy of lack.

/time_line_clearingTimeline Energy Clearing

In releasing patterns of lack imagine a timeline inside the theatre of your mind.  

Past Lives                                                Birth                                                        Present Time

  1. Close your eyes and visualize a timeline as above.
  2. Imagine a spot or light appear where there is energy of a thought of lack on your timeline.
  3. Clear off all the spots with an imaginary magic wand, sponge or vacuum cleaner.
  4. Fill your timeline with a bright golden sun filled with gratitude.
  5. Dissolve your timeline.
  6. Repeat several times.
  7. Revisit and repeat on a regular basis as you move through many layers of unconscious programming.

Push through the resistance by focusing on what you desire not what you lack.

Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Transforming beyond lack thinking into the true expansiveness of creation, you will need to let go of these old beliefs. There are many ways to explore this process such as practicing with the Essential Energy Tools, past life readings and clearings, journaling and meditation.

Suffering is Optional

Whatever is happening in your life, look at it as a key to unlocking the door of lack. On the other side of that door of resistance is unlimited creation! Finding the key that unlocks the door is boundless joy, love and abundance.

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