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increase_your_natural_magnetic_attractionCreate Your Natural Balance

Ignite Sexy Life-Force Energy

Everyone has a natural balance of male and female energy and those proportions operating in your body are unique to who you are. You are continuously bombarded with other people’s energies, opinions, attitudes, judgments, criticisms, and negativity affecting your natural balance of male and female energy. This foreign energy re-adjusts or turns off your natural balance creating struggle, confusion, conflict and set-backs.

Energetic imbalances dim your natural attractive force and overtime your confidence and natural magnetic nature declines. Whether you are a male or female, once you tap into your pure masculine or feminine energy, you unlock your natural attractive force within. Activating the natural balance of energy is a powerful, magnetic sexy life-force energy that attracts your desires as if like magic.

 Excerpt from Amirah's ebook, Love Up Your Life and trainging program Activate Love Codes - Class 8.

Remember... the vibration you are is what you broadcast to the world. You receive more of what you put out. There are no exceptions.

Re-ignite Your Attractive Power

Balancing your own male or female energy is easy. When you flood your body with your own female or male energy, your body automatically seeks its original perfect balance. With practice your system will stay in balance effortlessly. This way you can experience your ultimate sexual and creative power.

Cleanse Your Creative Energy

If you are a woman, it’s beneficial to cleanse and purify your female energy. If you are a man, it’s beneficial to cleanse and purify your male energy. Cleansing your own creative energy helps to differentiate your energy from everyone else’s energy in your body and space. It cleanses foreign energy from your space so that you can run the optimum amounts of male and female energy that are unique to you.

Balancing Your Energy Affects Everything

In healing and balancing yourself, you heal others, situations and the planet. With focus on yourself and how you feel, you will heal your partner, spouse, children, family and friends. Unconsciously, others will give themselves permission to balance themselves as well.

On the spiritual and physical level, when you cleanse foreign energy stuck inside you increase your sexual, emotional, creative and attractive power. It removes impurities and negative influences that diffuse your innate power and vitality. As you release male or female invalidation, media, family, religious, programming, secrets, and societal influences, you free yourself to become familiar with your own frequency. Your attractive force will be transformed.

Become Clear and Certain About What You Want

Connecting with your innate power and sexual force spawns a new level of self certainty. Your confidence soars and you may find yourself achieving goals you long forgot. It is as if magically, things just fall into place and naturally unfold. Recently a client, told me how she has been an avid ballet dancer for over 20 years and although she always dreamed of dancing in the toe shoes, she never took that step. Then suddenly as her natural energy began flowing, she just strapped on her toe shoes and danced as if she had been doing it forever.

Part of the secret is becoming completely neutral. In this example, my client had released unconscious resistance on achieving that desire.  She had released foreign energies that were competing with her desires allowing her to feel clear, grounded and focused.

creative_energy_is_attractiveYour Creative Essence is Attractive

As you connect with your own creative energy, you access true inner power and beauty.  It is empowering to access your own sexual vibration. People will respond favorably and may wonder what secret you are guarding.

“What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters to what lies within us.
And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen” - Henry David Thoreau

Achieve Life Balance

People achieve balance in their lives when they can consciously and subconsciously align their thoughts and activities with who they are and what they want to do, without conflict or guilt. When you are in balance, you experience “being in the zone” of life. Life is good!

As you release conflicting forces or energies of what others want you to do, you re-connect with your true passions and desires. If you’ve ever tried you know how tricky this can be. You will be relieved!  You will function better on a daily basis and feel motivated to do even the most mundane tasks. Conflicts will be minimized and life will flow much easier.

Follow Your Own Path

Life is a journey, and you have everything you need to create the most desirable, enjoyable and fulfilling journey for yourself. Take steps each day to reach your life goals and you will not only be amazed at how well you will achieve them, but at how enjoyable and stress-free the journey will be.

Your desires, priorities, passions, and even sometimes your beliefs will change. That is very normal. Once you discover what your new ones are, you will want to create new goals accordingly, using the same process and continue life’s journey in the new directions that you choose for yourself.

Your Attractive Force Within IS Powerful

Your renewed personal power will revolutionize your relationships. People around you will notice a positive change in you. They may not put their finger on it but you will know why they respond favorably.

Jennie, a former student, was significantly overweight and had not been on a date for several years. On her way home after class she stopped at the store to buy some groceries. A man approached her and complimented her and asked her out on a date. He made a comment that he found her attractive and that he thought she would be good in bed too.

Jennie didn’t accept his invitation but she was flattered and dumbfounded on the amazing response she received from the shift in her energy. She also went on to create a lasting a fulfilling relationship with another man.

Everyone has both male and female energies. Sometimes someone from your past has turned off your male or female energy. It affects how and what you attract in your life. In the following exercise, you will increase the amount of female or male energy running in your body to increase your sex appeal and attraction.

LOVE UP Your Life eBook & Guided Meditation

Activate Love Codes Week 8 (excerpt) 

your_natural_energyTool 16 - Your Natural Energy

Connecting with your own natural sexual energy and allow it to flow throughout your body increases your natural attractiveness, sex appeal and magnetic nature. It renews your personal power and revolutionizes relationships. As you practice, people around you will begin to notice a positive change in you. They may not put their finger on it but you will know why they respond favorably.


    1. Close your eyes, but stay focused.
    2. Visualize yourself sitting in a control room in the center of your head where you have command of your entire being.
    3. In your mind’s eye, visualize a scale or gauge from 0-100% that represents your current male or female energy running in your body.
    4. Notice the current reading of your meter. Don’t judge it. Just note what you see.
    5. Imagine increasing this energy by slowly raising your gauge to 100%.
    6. If you have a female body, allow your female energy to rise to 100%. If you have a male body, allow your male energy to rise to 100%.
    7. Simultaneously, allow the energy from the sexual center, approximately 2” below your navel, begin to move throughout the entire body.
    8. Breath in from the navel and imagine the energy flowing upwards through the torso, down the arms, and up into the head. Allow this sexual energy flow out the top of your head like a fountain. Let the energy flow down to your feet and bring the energy up through the bottoms of your feet, into the legs creating a cycle of your own flowing feminine or masculine energy.
    9. Choose a color for this energy flowing through the body as you push the needle on the gauge to 100%.
    10. Allow yourself to experience your powerful male or female energy flushing out foreign energies from your body.
    11. Let this energy flow for about 5 minutes. Notice how your body feels.

Self Love TIP 

Let your own female or male energy cleanse out any stuck thoughts. After just one practice dramatic improvements can occur. The more you practice however, the better the results.

Practice this energy technique for 20-30 days and the results will astonish you.

replenishTool 17 - Giving Yourself What You Need

Besides using Energy Tool #3, the golden sun tool, replenishing yourself, you can use it to give yourself what you need. As you tune into your body, listening to what it tells you be open to receiving what it wants. Energetically, you can give yourself that need even if you aren’t physically able to do it in the moment. For instance, have you ever been tired in the middle of the day and you wanted to have a nap? You could imagine giving yourself a golden sun with a nap, rest, relaxation etc inside it. Maybe you would like to take a vigorous walk but you have an obligation to keep. So, you can meet your obligation and give yourself the energetic ‘vigorous walk’. You can have whatever you desire. Give it to yourself with a golden sun.


      1. Close eyes but stay focused. Be aware of own body with your feet flat on the floor.
      2. Imagine a giant gold ball or sun about 3 feet above your head.
      3. Consider what your body needs. Ask your body "what would you like have right now?".  
      4. Imagine dropping into the golden ball whatever you would like to give yourself.
      5. Bring the golden shimmering golden ball into your body through the crown chakra on the top of your head.
      6. Picture the golden energy filling up every cell in your body, all the organs, tissue, body systems, blood and bones. Imagine your entire body filled with this golden light giving your body whatever it needs.
Allow yourself to have whatever you need. ie., clarity, enthusiasm, rest, vitality, balance, strength, stability, wholeness, tranquility, flexibility, vitality, patience, peace, safety, nourishment, harmony, exercise, fresh air, sleep, alertness, focus, responsiveness, youthfulness, etc. etc.


  1. Practice running your natural energy 2-3 times this week.
  2. Listen to Love Up Your Life Guided Meditation.
  3. Be amused with your 'Growth Period' and the changes in your life.
  4. Keep track of your miracles in your "Miracle Journal".

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