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one_human_familyHelping Others - Helps You

Generous Sharing Produces Beneficial Results For You

These characters learn that by helping others they are actually helping themselves.  In the process of these characters figuring out how to get what they want, they formed a bond based on generosity and sharing.

What Goes Around - Comes Around

This is a common story of what ‘goes around comes around.’  It is a wonderful reminder that sharing with others produces beneficial results for ourselves.

By acting selfishly, we may keep what we want, but lose what is most important to us.  If we never help others, there may be no one around to help us in our time of need. By reaching out and sharing or helping others, the likelihood of having someone around to help us increases.

What a great reminder to offer a helping hand. 

Who knows, maybe there will truly be a day when you need someone and they will extend a hand to you!

About:  This video was originally seen on Caritas Internationalis YouTube channel.  Caritas Internationalis is a humanitarian organization associated with the Catholic Church. There are 164 national members in over 200 countries that work to help those living in poverty.

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