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manifesting_happiness.jpgMeditation is Key

Surrendering Expectations Allows Desires To Manifest

Manifesting happiness requires a willingness to let go. In letting go you begin to free up energy that was in invested in forming a belief, expectation or goal thereby connecting with the present moment soul vibration. Surrendering any expectation, desire, goal or outcome allows form to manifest.

Meditation is a Foundational Tool

Meditation is a foundational tool for releasing unconscious energetic blocks. A person’s consciousness is an energy field that continually expresses itself, drawing to it experiences that match its vibration. If an individual is not enjoying a successful life in all aspects, it means the vibrations within this energy field are not in harmony. Our experiences are determined by our beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that continually send out energetic pulses that draw to us matching experiences in our life.

Regular Practice Encourages Happiness

When practiced on a regular basis, meditation is the source for manifesting a more joyful, peaceful, and successful life. It coaxes the mind to focus and brings one’s insight to higher levels of perception and self-knowledge. Over time it becomes clear what we want or no longer desire. This is valuable because in becoming aware of what we no longer desire, we create an opening for change.

My personal experience has been that through practice of self-understanding and meditation,you create a stronger inner connection that creates happiness from within. In the book, The Art of Power, Thich Nhat Hanh says,

“Energy of awakening, compassion and understanding is already within. Recognizing they are inherent qualities of your being, and you know how to practice – you can generate these energies to protect yourself and to succeed in what ever you desire.”

Manifesting Happiness

The manifestation of happiness comes in the willingness to let go. In the quantum sense, to let go is to free up committed energy locked in a form, e.g., a belief, an expectation, a desired goal, so that a new form can be created.

Meditation and mindfulness are tools for freeing blocked energy. They re-train the mind to a higher level of presence, focus and awareness. They bring self-knowledge to the forefront. Used with intent daily, meditation and mindfulness become the basis for manifesting a happier, peaceful, more joy-filled life.

With practice, we see what we no longer want and become clearer on what it is we do want. Experiencing what we don’t want in our lives is of great benefit if we are open to seeing it as opportunity for change.

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