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being_directed_towards_goalsLife Has Its Way Of Taking You Where It Wants 

Being Directed Towards Life's Goals and Purpose

THE INFLUX OF ENERGY is still very strong…as it awakens powerful drives within us and directing us toward fulfilling our life goals and purpose

Many old patterns and existing life structures are dismantling. This opens us for more fulfillment and offers to empower us in many ways. You may notice feeling more passionate and reacting more than what your usual comfort zone normally allows.

With the energy of chaos spinning restlessness, you may be feeling more self-oriented than usual. And, that’s a good thing! It feels as though we are being urged out of the confines of our life situations and pushing, rebelling and breaking free of restrictions to play by our own rules.

Finding Your Unique Way To Express Yourself

The theme surrounding us seems to be one of finding our own unique way to express ourselves regardless of what others say, think or feel. Shifting energies are helping us access our deeper wisdom and gain greater clarity for what we truly believe in.

The best news is that it is becoming easier to manifest our hopes and dreams with fresh attitudes and more purpose. Paying close attention to ‘positive thoughts’ and weed out ‘negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs’ are vital. Your intuition may feel like it’s just had an upgrade so stay open and allow the transformation to occur.  

Learn why you need to use your Energy Tools.
Stay grounded in the physical reality to bring your dreams into reality.

These are very exciting times indeed. Be ALL You Can BE!

Be mindful of your 'self-talk'. It's a conversation with the Universe. - Davide James

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