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giving_to_yourselfGiving To Others Comes Easy and Natural

Practice Giving To Yourself for Healing

Giving is great! When done in the right attitude, it gives us joy, contentment and gratitude. Many people practice giving to others on a daily basis. What we don’t do is practice giving love, affection, or attention to ourselves.

Clients often express their struggles and what I often see is that they don’t ‘allow’ themselves to ‘have it’. Underlying beliefs, thoughts and feelings block their ability to ‘have’ it or receive it.

We live in an abundant Universe.

What if we were ALL allowed and able to have ALL our wants that are aligned with our heart and God? Truth is—WE/YOU ARE!

Our reality is a reflection of our deepest fears and desires. Your spiritual self knows that it can have everything it needs to grow and learn. It knows it can have everything the body desires to be safe and comfortable while growing. Often times though we are programmed to believe we don’t ‘deserve’ to have what we want.

Energy is Not Good or Bad – It Just Is

Energetically speaking, the world of spirit doesn’t work that way. Humans live in a world of duality where things are right/wrong, good/bad and deserving/undeserving. With energy, it just IS. You may know someone who seems to have everything they want and yet they have questionable character. This person has what I refer to as a ‘high havingness’.

The definition of ‘havingness’ is simply, ‘your ability to have’.

Consider how much you really let yourself have. You might have high havingness in learning experiences, cars, good friends and a home but struggle with ‘having’ validation, money or health. This is completely normal as life is all about learning and creating balance.

Havingness Energy Tool

Every area of our lives are affected by our level of havingness. If you struggle with your health as an example, consider how much havingness you have to allow healing. Using a quantum energy tool, visualize a gauge in front of you and ask yourself ‘how much healing will I allow myself?’ Be honest with yourself and allow the first answer you receive. If the gauge says “35%”…let it be! Of course it’s not where you want to be and you can simply raise it to 100%.

In personal sessions, I can support you in clearing your havingness, discovering what blocks you from having your healing and receiving other things you want. In working with clients over the past fifteen years, I often see energies of ‘not deserving’, ‘not being good enough’ or ‘not knowing who you would be if your havingness was higher’. Releasing these energetic blocks, beliefs and programming allows the body to heal and find complementary treatments to support the process.  

havingness_gaugesCreating Havingness

Raising our havingness is a practice that involves understanding that we are inherently deserving of having the life we desire. Taking steps of healing means digging deep to discover and release hidden beliefs that affect your havingness.
Noticing your havingness is low in a particular aspect of your life, here are two ways to approach it.

Ask yourself ‘why is havingness low?’ Maybe you are not completely comfortable with some aspect where you been hurt or haven’t wanted to see.

Ask yourself, “What’s my first step to raising havingness?” Do you need to let go of a belief you have? Replace negative beliefs with a positive, concrete affirmation.
For example, if I have low havingness about money and my spirit tells me it’s because my belief says that rich people are bad, I might use the affirmation, “As I prosper in my divinely-inspired mission, the world prospers with me.”

Havingness Gauge

1. In your minds eye visualize a gauge. Ie. digital gauge, thermometer, a digital reading on your computer or a car speedometer.
2. Allow the Havingness Gauge represent your energetic ability to ‘have’ anything you need or desire.
3. What % is your Havingness Gauge showing for your capacity to receive in this moment?
4. Just notice and be neutral with whatever shows up. Anything less than 100% means there’s some energy blocking your flow of receiving.
5. Imagine attaching a grounding cord to your gauge and connect it to the center of the planet.
6. Allow any foreign energy on your Havingness Gauge to drain down the grounding cord.
7. Observe the needle on your gauge moving closer to 100%.  
8. Let yourself HAVE 100 % of everything you desire right now.
9. Dissolve the gauge.
10. Reset your Having Gauge on a daily basis for a continuous and effortless abundant energy flow of your desires.

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It is an easy practice if you are willing to release the ‘story’ behind what is keeping you from having what you want. 

Havingness is Your Right

Your body was given to only YOU! Taking ownership of your body and your life is your responsibility for creating a healing path. All the hurt, pain, deception and grief is yours to release. This is your life path for you to create what ever you desire. Go for it!

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