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Identify How Money Pain Blocks You

Activate Your Money Flow

You’re about to discover 5 TOP REASONS you have ‘money pain’ and what is blocking money flow in your life. Learn the most elegant ways of connecting with, engaging, and attracting money ... even if you have struggled with it for a long time! Understanding the source of your ’money pain' allows you freedom to clear the blocks and move forward.

Do you:

  • Avoid looking at your debt because it’s just too scary?
  • Avoid words like budgeting, know your numbers, and just hope that it’s all going to get better?
  • Hope that if you just pray harder or meditate more that that will be enough to bring in the money to pay the bills?
  • Get anxious about money (especially when it’s time to pay those bills!) or have a partner or spouse who is anxious about it (and letting you know!)?
  • Find that you compare yourself to others and end up feeling not good enough
  • Know you need (and want!) to create a savings account (or a retirement account, or save to pay for your kids’ college) but you just haven’t figured out how to make it happen?
  • Know that if you don't "figure it out" quickly, you'll need to go get a job to pay the bills?

Change your thoughts and you change your money flow.

Amirah Hall is an internationally known Quantum Energy Expert teacher, mentor and speaker. Her personal story is inspiring with over 30 years of inner discovery and overcoming life-threatening obstacles. Amirah uses her life experiences including a NDE for the benefit of others guiding others through personal issues that continue block and weigh them down.

Denise Arrand has over 20 years of experience in financial services and believes that everyone is entitled to send their kids to college, retire with dignity, and save a pile of money for the future. She is passionate about making proven financial solutions available in an easy to understand way that brings hope to women, the middle-class, and those without nine-figure portfolios. She is leveling the playing field, when it comes to wealth building strategies, by serving the under-served  women and the rapidly shrinking middle-class of America.

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