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GIVING is NOT Better Than Receiving

Increase Your Ability to Receive More Abundance

Clients often share with me that they are much more comfortable ‘giving’ than they are ‘receiving’. Have you ever wondered why you aren't 'receiving' what you desire? There is plenty written about the ‘power of giving’ that the importance of ‘receiving’ is sometimes lost. Society tells us it is ‘good to give’ and receiving (or taking) on the other hand is selfish, with negative connotations associated to it. Unlike giving, receiving is much harder because this distorted belief acts as a powerful wave of energy disrupting your ability to be a graceful receiver.

‘Giving’ is Good! So is ’Receiving’

One is not better than the other nor can they exist without each other. Likewise with a beautiful tropical garden, the lush beauty exists because of both rain and sunshine. Both ‘giving and receiving’ are necessary components to having prosperity in your life. If you focus only on ‘giving’, how are you able to receive?

Without a Receiver, Giving is Meaningless

‘Giving and Receiving’ are tangled opposites linked together in the natural flow of life. Like inhaling or exhaling, you must do both. Likewise, when a giver cannot ‘receive’, the life force cannot continue to flow freely and the entire cycle ceases to function. If you can't inhale, you will soon have nothing to exhale, and before long, your body stops living. Without the ability to receive with grace, one cannot be prosperous.

Two Sides to Same Coin

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to ‘attract’ something you truly want in your life such as love, caring, support, relationships, abundance, prosperity or well-being? There is a very good chance your ability to ‘receive’ is blocked. You CANNOT be prosperous unless you are open to the abundance that WANTS to flow through you.

Saying “No” to Receiving

If you decline a gift or refuse an offer for assistance, you are saying to the Universe, “Please don’t send anything more my way, because I have all that I need and want.” The universe then responds to your instruction, immediately stops the flow of abundance. So, if you are asking, “Why can’t anything good come my way??!!”

Here’s a tip…. Clear resistance on your receiving pattern.

You can be both a generous giver and gracious receiver. Do you want to receive more money, greater health, a loving, mutually supportive relationship? Then, you are in the perfect place. Sit back enjoy the journey, practice the quantum energy tools & other meditations then marvel at the changes.

Putting the power of receiving into practice, you not only create greater balance in your life and relationships, you give yourself the key that unlocks the door to your hopes, goals and dreams.

A student recently shared with me that although she had been working as a successful healing practitioner for over a decade, she noticed her business had stalled. She began clearing off her ‘Receiving Gauge’ and within a few days she scheduled five long-time clients who she had not seen in over three years. She was thrilled to increase her prosperity and lift what appeared as an invisible veil blocking others from connecting with her. Feeling better about herself and feeling immensely grateful, she continued receiving a steady flow of abundance.

Tips for Getting Better at Receiving:

1. Practice acknowledging the service of others. Consider all the service providers who make it possible for us to ride in elevators, make phone calls, read at night in a lighted room and have supplies delivered. You are receiving!

2. At mealtime, consider all the people who helped bring everything to your table — the farmers, truckers, store managers, package makers, and even those who created the map that facilitated its movement from one place to your table. Consider giving gratitude to all that make this meal possible. You are receiving!

3. Make a habit of acknowledging one free gift you have received at the end of each day. Give gratitude. You are receiving!

4. Accept compliments and words of encouragement with grace. Resist downplaying or minimizing positive things people say about you. You are receiving!

5. Tune in and receive Divine Love that is ever present whether you are conscious of it or not. You are receiving!

Receiving Is Spiritual

Receiving is an act of generosity that demonstrates your wholeness and connection with others. How much energetic space do you have for 'receiving'?

Determine Your Level of Having and Receiving

Imagine a havingness gauge from 0-100% how much space do you have for 'giving' in this moment? Now create a matching gauge next to it and let it show you how much room you have to ‘receive’ in present time?

It’s not good or bad.... It's just where it is and it's a reference point to what's happening in your space. Are you ready to rraisethe bar, having more balance and INCREASING your ability to 'energetically receive more'? 

Increase your ability to have the abundance, have the skills, career, relationships, money, friends, health. NOW!

A big part of havingness is 'recevingness' or your ability to receive. It’s an energetic barometer that we want to keep open and expanding to match your own spiritual abilities.

Do you ever wonder why a friend, family member or collegue has something you want, yet they don’t even appear to deserve it from your perspective. Why do they have more money for example? Or better relationships? Or more success? Perhaps their energy is aligned with the ‘vision & feeling’ of HAVING it. Besides, they have the energetic space to attract that into their experience.

NOW... It's your turn to step into greater level of Receiving More Abundance.

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