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Signs to Know if Aliens (ET's) Are Influencing You

Aliens and Other Beings, Entities Can Screw With Your Life

We are not alone. The existence of nonphysical beings defies rationality because they can’t be experienced with the usual five senses. Unless you have a more developed 6th sense you might conclude that nonphysical beings don’t exist. If something isn’t in your experience, it’s logical, although inaccurate in this case, to conclude that it doesn’t exist. So it’s up to those who do experience nonphysical beings to describe them and their experiences with them to others.

Each of us has a number of beings or guides working with us daily to help us evolve and helping us heal wounds and issues blocking us from fulfilling our earth goals. However, they CANNOT help us without some willingness and cooperation on our part. If we aren’t ready and willing to be healed, they do what they can to make us ready and willing by sending us people, books, or other information that will help us see the need for healing and inspire us to do something about it.

Suffering often brings us to this point of allowing support and believing that it’s God or spiritual forces helping us. Have you ever reached a point in your life when you said, “That’s it. I’m tired of being depressed (or unhappy or scared or addicted),” and you did something about it? Those are turning points that these beings celebrate.

Just as human beings can become lost, some nonphysical beings, some of which have never been human, are lost too. They act out in destructive ways that effect humanity.

Although most people are not aware of these destructive nonphysical beings, which will be called entities for simplicity and to differentiate them from beings of light, nearly everyone is affected by them. Those most affected are some of the most vulnerable people in our society: those who are mentally ill, drug or alcohol addicted, suicidal, and criminals. In some cases, entities not only perpetuate these conditions, but also cause them. When human beings fall into negativity and become consumed by negative feelings, particularly fear and hatred, they become vulnerable to psychic attack from entities, who see the possibility of gaining power over them.

Having negative thoughts, is like saying YES to an invitation to entities. It’s like saying, “WELCOME” and are likely to stay until you say no or clear those negative thoughts. Entities can’t coexist with positive thoughts and feelings. If your mind and feelings are positive, entities can’t come near you. Positive thoughts and feelings strengthens your aura and create a shield of sorts that prevents negative intruders from affecting you as long as your energy remains at higher frequencies.

During times of stress, illness, emotional upheaval, and change, even people who generally think positively are vulnerable to entities, who await opportunities to influence them. Having an impact on otherwise positive-thinking people makes entities feel especially powerful. Negative entities leave positive-thinking people alone only because they can’t get to them. Otherwise, more positive people are as vulnerable to entity attacks as people who think negatively. Positive-thinking people bring too much love to others, and that is in opposition to the entities’ goals.

Because entities are out to prove that love is weakness and not a viable path, they are especially interested in bringing loving people down. However, attacks on those who generally think positively often don’t last very long or have much effect because the power of positive thoughts and feelings (especially love) far outweighs the power of fear and negativity.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance of the existence of entities allows them to operate secretly. Knowing about them gives you the power to evict them and send them on their way, hopefully toward the Light (love). Beings of light do this for us when we ask them to. They also attempt to do this without our awareness. However, without our cooperation and agreement, their job isn’t as easy. As long as entities have a foothold because of some negativity, they are likely to remain unless that negativity is healed.

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