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  • What You Focus On--CREATES!

    It's Your Energy Frequency is Attracting Your Experiences

    In class two of Making Miracles Intensive Program, we discussed the 2nd chakra and it’s affect on how and what we create in our life. The 2nd chakra relates to your creativity, relationships, emotions and sexuality. One of my students mentioned she joined a poverty group to be more social and get out of the house. She asked, “does this hurt my ability to create abundance?”

    I reminded her that it's the frequency of our energy that is creating 100% of the time. Where and who do you spend your time? How is the energy affecting you? In creating more income, abundance and success - put yourself in situations, with people who have more and vibrate higher than you.

    The energetic programming that is unconsciously blocking your success must be released in order for anything to be different in your life. Spinning out of control but thinking 'positive thoughts' just isn't enough. When you shift your energetic frequency, close the leaks and eradicate foreign invasions, you create more miracle moments in your life. In working with people around the world including Royal Families in Dubai, I teach you essential energy tools that clients often call 'magic'! Whether you are making career or life changes or desire a perfect partner, getting the correct guidance makes all the difference. Make your Breakthrough Session appointment and discover your hidden blocks to abundance.

  • How Does Quantum Energy Work?

    Learn How You Can Benefit From Quantum Energy Healing

    Each quantum energy practitioner works very differently. In this video, I tell you about how I personally use quantum energy in combination with my flair-abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairscientience, claircognisance) to clear subconscious sabotages and hidden energy blockages. Access powerful healing frequencies to create success. If you want to make lasting changes, get unstuck and begin manifesting like you know you can or should be... watch now.

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