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amirah halls story DSC 2033 350x525Stepping Off Death's Doorstep

Twenty-five years ago, I found myself on death’s doorstep and had almost given up the fight. I was emotionally exhausted after what I call the 3-D’s: Dad’s death, Divorce and ‘Death or Wheel Chair’ prognosis descended into my world all within six months of each other.

Emotionally fatigued and exhausted, I felt lost on my life path in a foreign country with little support. The loss of my Dad and feeling alone in a foreign country was like death to me. Deep depression hung over me like a dark storm cloud that would not lift.

Physically I was weak and feeble. For almost one year, it took great effort to crawl to my kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so they labeled my condition ‘chronic fatigue’ and told me to choose, ‘death or wheelchair’. It felt as if I had a perpetual flu and I wished I was dead.

My adrenals were fried, my brain in a constant fog; my life, even by my account, was not worth living anymore. I was in pretty bad shape. As an optimist by nature,

I’m grateful for the doctor’s ill-fated outlook because it encouraged me to find a way out of that gloomy and dire prediction. He told me there was no cure for me but through a small speck of light, I continued to fight for life. They say it’s always darkest before dawn and those were some dark times. Even though I was emotionally discouraged and defeated, there was a fleck of fight within that began to sprout like a dormant seed.

Since the doctor had told me there was no cure for me, it was if I was gently guided towards other options that included acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation and yoga. For almost one year, I struggled every week to my appointments and drag myself back home to bed.

Slowly, I began to awaken from my own illusion and got stronger every week. My Acupuncturist explained that Chinese medicine did not have the same approach or view on my type of physical condition. Her kind words of helped me view what had happened from a completely different perspective and then slowly started to heal.

Six years later, with my health mostly restored through regular meditation, yoga and swimming and a healthy diet. With more strength and inspiration, I began feeling a strong nudge to embark on a spiritual journey.

One day during my meditation, I began having visions of an indigenous man chanting near a small hut. This was curious to me and when I received information about a tour to Peru, I knew that was my next step.

Journey to Peru

My journey to Peru was enchanting and enlightening. Working with the Shaman in the Amazon jungle was the beginning of when I began receiving downloads of information. In one vision, I saw and felt myself shoot like a comet through a diamond-shaped star system. In that moment, I was absolutely clear I was a star-seed from another planet or dimension and came to Earth’s in the early years of what is called Egypt. I knew in that very moment that I MUST travel to Egypt.

Transformation in Egypt

One year later, I took a 14-day spiritual journey to Egypt. When my group tour ended, I returned to Luxor to spend a week and on my last day in Egypt, that my NEW perception of reality emerged.

Within my experience, I learned about unconditional love, I’m not sure I can really explain how unconditional love feels, except that it was safe, comforting and all encompassing. There seemed to be no limits, boundaries or conditions to the love they had for me.

I entered a place of where all things exist, including past and future. I accessed a place where all things were created and it held the wisdom of the Universe. The codes of all things, knowledge and wisdom emerge from this place. Struggling to comprehend the vastness to this place and all of its amazing complexity, I wondered, is this the Matrix?

At some level of awareness, I knew that what occurred was a transformation into a new vibration that would allow for travel into other realms. It was like a buzz of electrical energy blending into the bright, radiant energy of the sun. It actually felt a little ticklish to me!

I was told, "You are not expected to understand the complexities of the dimensions of our Universe but, as you take the steps on this journey you gather more glimpse of the Truth to assist you in your process. Be patient with your ability to understand as Truths unfold in your consciousness, for it is not your mission to fully understand the secrets of the Universe. Trust that the Great Mystery is designed to be just that – a Great Mystery. As you build on your collection of insights, you grow in wisdom and in light. Timeless beauty and truth is for all to share."

During the journey, it was as if information appeared to pour into my consciousness like a turbo download, available for retrieval at a later time. It was explained to me that this visit was only a rest stop and my soul had more growth and journey on Earth, therefore I would have to return.


At one stage, I entered a realm called ‘LOVE’.

It was explained to me that this is the main ingredient of all creation – the pulse of ALL that IS. Love is the force or energy that binds all molecules. It is the foundational structure of the Law of Attraction, which is the process of bringing things together and holding them together. It is an incredible bonding force that permeates all things.

All of nature is filled with ‘love’. The amazing force or energy is responsible for our attraction to nature –animals, plants, and minerals. The force of love connects us to ourselves, others and all of nature. The love field of energy is an electromagnetic bond that permeates all things.

As we learn to love ourselves the ‘Energy of Love’ within us accelerates, drawing to it all thoughts and desires. Our ability to manifest in our bodies accelerates our non-physical or psychic awareness, opening our connection to all things. Our earthly lessons challenge us to connect with ourselves, to love, honor and respect ourselves embracing all of who we are.

I found myself wondering, but how can we achieve it? And, the doubts seemed to be washed away as quickly as they appeared

I can not separate from the energy of Love since it composes the fabric of life. If I do not feel it, or feel separated from it, it is only in my conscious mind.

As I stood there embraced by Love, I knew I just stepped into it. It was just that simple.

I heard a voice say, "Allow yourself to be. Surrender to what is."

I was expanding, morphing and re-shaping as a numeric formula or symbols generated around me over and over. It is self-creating and self-expanding consciousness. Ideas and thoughts are energy that when directed towards it magnifies it into being stronger.

Time didn’t exist here; I just felt myself absorbed into the light. The sense was that cells in my earthly body were being activated and cellular memories were being released. My body was being re-wired and re-configured to meet new physical requirements. It was if I was a super-computer system being re-booted.

I learned the body stores memories that were locked up and need to be released. Like an electronic filing system, pulses of light surged, activating old inactive files and purged others that were outdated. Some of the memories appeared to be from other bodies or times and were not relevant to this incarnation.

Certain organs were being renewed. Areas that were sleeping were awakened. Other areas that were over-worked and exhausted were rejuvenated. I could not see specifics since its’ too complex and detailed. It was wondrous. The body is an amazing computer in of itself, but this complex and spontaneous energetic circuitry magic was beyond comprehension.

True health I understood can be achieved and maintained but it is independent upon a harmonious co-ordination of spirit, mind, emotions and body. Out in front of me appeared images of what appeared to be Health Laws, showing me the invisible causes of ill health.They seemed extremely complex, yet utterly simple!

I could see how positive, joyful, loving thoughts create harmony, strength and longevity in the body, stimulating the free flow of the vital energetic forces. On the other hand, negative, angry, fearful thoughts create blocks and stagnant energy. Negative thoughts held low vibrations and prevent the body from functioning optimally, eventually creating toxic and debilitating effects and, ultimately causing dis-ease.

I could see illness manifested in my body from worry and self-destructive thoughts. Old feelings and emotional patterns flashed in front of me as I viewed my own creative emotional pattern. Negative thoughts created energetic barriers that blocked the flow of the Universal Love energy.

Old negative and destructive thought patterns stimulate and accumulate toxins in the body creating resistance to well-being. I saw how my body breaking down as a child and slowly developed over time.

Worry and Depression are Life-Threatening

I never really looked at it from that perspective. But, I now saw myself tangled in self-judgment and emotions that no longer served me. I was trapped in a place of comparing myself with others and not being able to dig my way out.

In my mind, since there was no way out, I continued to dwell in an emotional spiral that limited me. I could see childhood fears that held me prisoner in my own castle. Like stepping into a past time vignette, I merged with an energetic structure that was built around “my father doesn’t love me”. Then I realized it twisted that thought into “I’m not lovable”, then each time I saw a hint of an “I’m not lovable” situation, it created an emotional reaction inside of me. It snagged and dragged me down.

Negative emotions such as grief, guilt, worry, feelings of failure, resentment and suppressed anger produce over-secretion of the same hormones that suppress the immune system. My job was stressful. The divorce caused me stress. And a depression lingered like nightmare in the arctic winter.

I was angry about my childhood, Dad’s alcoholism, his death, relationships with men and myself. I was angry at life for its hardships and resented living.

All I had to do was acknowledge myself because the truth was that I am really whole and complete.

It was fascinating to me to understand each and every process and ever since that day I driven to learn more and more. After returning from my 1st journey to Egypt, I embarked on learning techniques that would help me integrate the many downloads occurring.

Using the techniques and principles I had downloaded, coupled with Quantum Energy Tools I learned, my clients and profoundly sick clients began healing. In the process, there were numbers of people whose lives were saved and it was all very remarkable.

What I realized was my desire and passion was to teach and apply what I learned in my Near-Death Experience. I found myself mentoring and restoring health and happiness with women, leaders, housewives and healers who were also involved with healing the planet. A consistent thread was all these people, were held back from their desire to play big because they were frustrated, depleted and burned out.

I found myself working with amazing leaders from total mental, emotional and physical depletion to amazing miraculous breakthroughs. I learned so much more in mentoring men and women all ages to live richer, deeper lives. As I progressed I realized how important it was for me to share my awareness in restoring and aligning to our original human blueprint.

Client who found me were awake and aware and had a sense that life is not just black and white. They had the sense that everything that affects their success is not visible and but if it wasn’t working they did not know how to 'fix it'.

When clients came to me frustrated, depleted and burned out, over and over, a theme surfaced. They were smart enough to figure out they 'needed help'. They felt things should be getting easier, not harder. I heard them say, "I'm feeling like I'm stuck on a hamster wheel. I crash on my days off. My mind is fuzzy, I can't remember names or details. I stopped doing things that I used to love doing."

They were all at a point and ready for change. They asked if it was possible to accelerate the process of good things happening. Is it possible to feel energized and restore my health to how I used to feel? Is it possible to be happy?

Yes it is all possible. This is where your path to rejuvenation begins.

Your Path of Rejuvenation

I provide a path to rejuvenation and once attained, a way to maintain and sustain the great progress made while in the regeneration process. Like everyone else, it’s not your fault you never figured it out before now.

For all healing and all rejuvenation to be permanent, you must access your original blueprint that already resides within you. It’s only a matter of activating it and releasing energies that have corrupted and veiled your original essence.

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