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Request Amirah As a Speaker

If you are interested in inviting Amirah to give a talk on the energetics of health, well-being, and resilience in corporate, academic, or non-profit sectors, please CONTACT ME.

Speaker, Author, Master Quantum Energy Healer and Mentor for ambitious women leaders who refuse to play small yet find themselves being held back from exhaustion and fuzzy brain. No shortage of pure transformation here… she helps get your audience back to playing their best game. Having overcome the worst of human health challenges, transparent and powerful, Amirah Hall stirs the hearts and minds of her audience and delivers simple, easy to understand systematized tools for overcoming obstacles, bringing life into balance and living healthy and happy.

Expert On…

  • Women’s Leadership at it’s best, maintaining balance while playing big
  • Health rejuvenation from the inside out
  • Burnout, Exhaustion and Regeneration
  • Transformation: from Survival to Stupendous
  • Law of Attraction
  • Stress Mastery
  • Overcoming Adversity

Experience In

  • Alternative/Holistic Medicine
  • Lifestyle
  • Expat Living in Middle East
  • Corporate sector

About Amirah Hall

Amirah Hall left behind a ‘death or wheel chair prognosis’ to having survived a Near-Death Experience in Egypt. With her unique insight and gifts of healing she has been dubbed ‘Amiracle Maker’ having consulted with the Royal Family in the Middle East.

She has leveraged her experience of overcoming severe health and business challenges into a winning formula for creating powerful systems for others to return to 100% well-being, wealth and love. Her “quantum healing methods” of regeneration programs for a shine a light of hope for women who find themselves exhausted and fuzzy brained from over striving. Amirah Hall helps these powerful women get back to their leadership platforms and attain a new level of power and presence. Featured Host of the popular radio show Lessons From The Light!

Amirah Hall is a go-to speaker and award-winning author for Women Leaders on transforming exhaustion into energy and fuzzy brain into brilliance. Her books include WAKE UP Shift Happens, LOVE UP Your Life and Transforming Through 2012 and Beyond.Home-study programs include: Miracle Mastery Mentoring, Stress Mastery, Sparkle Shine Seduce, One-2-One Clairvoyant Training, Your Year of Miracles.

Amirah Hall is a professional speaker who is has a track record of success.

Captivating audiences of all sizes, Amirah Hall’s engaging, interactive style is guaranteed to get every member of your audience out of their seats, while they cheer, laugh and even sing their way to a better brighter foundation from which to lead. A master of audience engagement, Amirah Hall delivers more than just a speech, she delivers a powerful transformational audience experience. Amirah Hall is consistently bringing her vision and transformation to each and every attendee at events and conferences, and professional development sessions. Because of her high-energy, fun and HIGHLY engaging style, and her signature whole-audience demonstrations, your participants will THANK YOU for your important choice of choosing Amirah Hall to support your event.

For more information Contact Amirah directly, here.

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