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Manifestings Miracles 101 - The Art of Being in The Flow eBook PLUS Quantum Energy Tools - $39.00

Manifesting Miracles 101 eBook guides you in discovering your life purpose by connecting with your unique profile of intuitive gifts. This book is the complete guidebook and foundation of the 1-year Miracle Mentoring Program and you will learn energetic secrets steps to manifest everything you desire.  Value $67. Special Bundle Price: $39.00

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 LOVE UP Your Life eBook PLUS Guided Meditation - $17.00

Sometimes we need a break - a break from all those feelings trying to push you forward so hard... that you start missing those terrific LOVE bubbles in your life. You stop realizing your true LOVE, your true PASSION, your true SELF. And that’s where you start feeling that black hole in your relationships. LOVE UP Your Life is a program that will ignite your passion for living and enhance your natural magnetic self. Start turning heads and opening doors with your revitalized vibes. Package Price: $17.00.

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Quantum Energy Tool Kit (7) Complete - Bundle Price $29.00 

Quantum Energy Tool Kit Includes (7) individual meditations for practice and support your awakening conscious abundance. Regular Price: $49.00 Special Bundle Price: $29.00. 

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Grounding Meditation Mp3 

Grounding is an important and basic tool to heal the body, make it feel safe and comfortable. When you are grounded you can safely release foreign energies becoming more centered and balanced.

Clarity Meditation Mp3 

Having clarity gives you control over your body allowing you to be aware and be able to clearly focus on what you want to create. Clearing your head helps you focus on what’s important, worry less and intuitively be guided with confidence.  

Replenishing Meditation Mp3  

Replenishing yourself is a vital quantum tool for vitality, confidence and centering. Recharging with your own life force energy makes you a powerful magnetic for what you desire.

Setting Healthy Boundaries Meditation Mp3  

Setting Healthy Boundaries works a boundary marker or a decoy. It serves by redirecting other people’s energy into it rather than your energy field. Also, it helps you to stay inside your own energy field rather than jumping into other people’s energy field. This helps to remind you to be present and mindful. 

Healing Wand Meditation Mp3

magic wand meditation

Collect foreign energy stuck in your body that’s creating dys-ease, dys-function or any undesirable situations and circumstances. The Law of Attraction says, ‘like attracts like’. Remove whatever is stuck in your space that is unconsciously creating for you on some vibrational level.  

Wellness Meditation Mp3 

Using the vibrational tone of color, reset your overall energy frequency to attracting your desires. Resetting your body, mind and spirit with color changes your experiences, the way you feel and act. Reset your own frequency by using the tone or frequency of color.

Stress Buster Mp3

Combines most of the tools and offers a well-rounded go-to practice tool if you are short on time. Running earth and cosmic energy is like having a ‘energy shower’—it’s rejuvenating!  


Masterclass Series - (5) Package - Regular $245.00 - Special Bundle Price $99.00

For those spiritual aspirants who are ready to dive deep into the REAL DEAL! Includes 5 hours of Intensive Guided Support for powerful transformation and empowered manifestation.

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Masterclass - Singles

Abundant Financial Flow Masterclass - $49.00

Clear hidden financial blocks from energy drains, fears and regrets. Release unconscious limiting beliefs, ideas that block your money flow. Reset your energy focus 'Giving & Receiving' in flow with Universal Law of Abundance. Reset new level of certainty of forces greater than you are at work in your life to create miracles. Your energetic vibration signals to the Universe what you are ready to receive. Resetting your energy, feeling abundant and joyful is the message that allows more financial flow into your life. 

Clear Family Karma Manifest Masterclass - $49.00

Our family’s accumulation of lifetimes of experiences are passed down through lifetimes that impact us in present time. Your ancestors may have had beliefs, judgments and thoughts about money success and wealth from an era that thought wealth was measured by how many cattle they owned. They held beliefs about women and work or business success. Over time much has changed yet much of this programming is still running deep within you. Clear Family Karma and free yourself from clutches that unconsciously are limiting your true power. 

LOVE & Healthy Relationships Masterclass - $49.00

Manifest Love & Healthy Relationships masterclass supports you in attracting loving, supportive and fulfilling relationships.The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely. In dysfunctional relationships, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They clash and repel, manifesting as even more painful friction. Whatever happened or happens, you have the opportunity and ability to heal your relationship. 

Optimal Health & Well-Being Masterclass - $49.00

Dive energetically deep in this Masterclass to activate and generate Optimal Physical Health & Wellness for pain management, increased vitality and overall longevity.  Physical healing results from balancing your energy body it's powerful medicine and applying these  techniques will heal you.Your body is designed to heal itself. Aligning your energy is the first step to wholeness.

Receive More Abundance Masterclass - $49.00

Seriously, if you really want something to be different in your life, you have to 'shift your energy'. Working with me, you will open to possibilities you never thought existed. You deserve to receive greater abundance of the Universe. With a renewed vision for yourself, open your eyes to your true inner beauty. Open your heart to passionate expression in relationships, work and your life. Increase your clarity, strength and wellbeing. Open to a new life you only dreamed of becoming a realty. Open to an expanded expression of your soul.