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Intuitive Mastery Training

Awaken Your Abilities - SEE Energy or Auras Heal Yourself and Others ...

25-01-2018 Intuition

Are Psychic Abilities REAL?

Banned from TEDx Talks  Non Locality is NOT New Age Russell Tar...

17-12-2017 Intuition

The Spiritual Fizz Podcast

Connecting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds  Episode 6 with Fea...

Clear Family Karma

Lifetime of Experiences Are Passed Down Release Deep Running Programm...

Open to Receive Infinite Possibilities, Increased Abundance, Well Being, Passionate Expressio

Receive Greater Abundance Open to Greater Passion, WellBeing and Visi...

Manifesting Abundance Using the Natural Flow of Law of Attraction

Manifest Anything You Desire Creating is a Natural Part of your Being...

Manifesting Wealth Interview

Discover Your Money Power Consciously Create More Prosperity, Abundan...

Monthly Group Meditation

Meditate and Create Heaven on Earth 1st Tuesday of the Month - LIVE O...

28-07-2017 Meditation

10 Ways to Have Strong Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is Sexy Stop Looking Outside Yourself For Answers Us...

Amirah Hall

offers healing with energy techniques, teaching people worldwide how to heal with energy using energy exercises healing
for relationships, love, wealth and success. San Diego, CA

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Engi.Engi Says, "Thanks Amirah for checking in on me. My friends rallied and shared with me that they could not believe how different I am from the old me. I am now able to talk and 'be upset' and was never able to express my feelings. I feel like I've grown and learned so much. Although the breakup with my boyfriend makes me sad, I don't think I would have even been able to meet someone like him and go through this break-up without the ongoing support of your sessions. Thank you so much Amirah."

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Six Important Reasons to Choose Amirah Hall

  • Quality Training

    Amirah offers simple, easy techniques that create quantum energetic shifts and transformation.

  • Safe, Dependable, Professional

    Together we restore, transform and rejuvenate you to your authentic state of well-being in a ‘done for you’ experience

  • Quick Start Transformation

    Each program offers streamline approach to get you started quickly and easily. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users!

  • Fool-Proof Formula

    The Quantum Energy Tools, techniques and approach used in these programs offer powerful and reliable results.

  • Surefire Results

    Integrating Quantum Energy Tools can create transformational changes and miraculous results.

  • Amazing Support

    We strongly believe we provide a World Class and Cosmic Support. Be sure to check the testimonials for the amazing results.

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